At Home Gel Manicure – Tried & Tested

At Home Gel Manicure – Tried & Tested

At Home Gel Manicure – Tried & Tested

April 26, 2014 | Style, Tried & Tested | 1 Comment

At home manicures is one of the quickest and easiest ways to feel pampered after a long week – and wouldn’t it be great if you could paint your nails on a Saturday and have that super fresh look last all right through to the next weekend – I mean, think of the time it would save not having to remove and refresh chipped nails paint, not to mentions looking presentable. But me, nope. I love to paint my nails all fancy and then, often in a matter of mere hours, they are scuffed, chipped or have weird indentations from fabrics pressed into the surface.

So, when the folks at Sendationail said their DIY gel nail manicure system can be done at home, and isn’t a complete hassle to apply, and gives a lasting salon-style finish, I thought I’d put them to the test.

Ladies, I’d like to you meet the Nailene Sensationail Invincible Gel Polish Starter Kit…

Sensationail KitSensationail Starter Kit £69.99 c/0

I quit visiting nail salons a long, long time ago. For the simple reason that no sooner than I had got home and sat at the sewing machine, I’d scrape a pin down that beautiful glossy surface. Or, I’d get knitting and find that I’d managed to get some kind of fibre impression dented into the not-quite-rock-hard-dry polish.

As a girl with perpetually chipped nail polish, I can say hand on heart, that there is nothing quite as scruffy as manicure that is sorely in need of a refresh!

Two weeks ago I was sent this rad kit promising a salon-finish manicure in a box…and, like most gals I figured, what have I got to loose! I prepared for an evening of pampering…which – despite there being a process of cleaning, buffing, base coat, two coats of polish and finishing with a glossy top coat – the whole manicure took less than half an hours start to glorious finish! Now, a pamper treatment that leaves me enough of my evening left to work on a neglected hexagon patchwork project is my kind of treatment!

Yes- it was easy to apply. Yes – the finish was glossy, glamorous and super professional-looking. But, does it really stand up to two full weeks wear?

I’m brutal on my hands – probably why a standard manis don’t seem we through a single day – and the best way for me to see if this manicure has the staying power was to get stuck in to all the things I usual do!

Sensationail House ChoresSo, yup, there was house chores, the usual washing up, cleaning, vacuuming – and all those day-to-day tasks that usually leave my nails with some kind of scuff or damage. Nope. Stuck firm. (And, yup, that is a heart shaped washing up scrubbing sponge…of, course it is.)
Sensationail DIY2During the two weeks of road testing this mani, we decided that it was a brilliant time to get stuck into some renovation projects – even though I got completely covered in paint – scrubbing the paint off didn’t damage the finish of my super cute nails!
Sensationail SewingAs with any other fortnight of my life, there was lots of stitching (in this case late, late into the night to meet a deadline.) There was a bit of crocheting, some baking and even a spot of paper craft. Oh yeah…and lots of bashing away on the laptop, writing, writing, writing. Again…not a single mark, chip or graze. This my friends is some kind of witchcraft, plain and simple.
Sensationail  DIY1The final test of the main was a spot of emergency plumbing right before we headed off for a weekend of camping in the Norfolk countryside. Even wrestling with tools, putting up and taking down a tent didn’t make a dent in this mani. Holy wow! This is like the answer to my eternal quest of “try to have grown up looking hands!”

It is safe to say that this fortnight of road testing has been a tough one. No point in going easy on something that claims to be Invincible, right? The results speak for themselves on this one. After two weeks the glossy, brilliant finish hadn’t cracked, chipped or flaked off – despite my efforts to give it a real run for it’s money! By day 14 the only sign that this mani was due a refresh was the slightly scrappy half-moons of nail growth at the base of my nails – not too shabby at all!

Sensationail CompareAll in all – what can I say? I’m sold! I’ve been looking for a nail polish that will see me though the brutal set up for  all the knitting and stitching shows that I work at throughout the year, and still look great when I’m demonstrating stitching on the stand – and this my friends is it! Now…what colour shall I go for next?

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