Home Sweet Home: The Renovation Chronicles

Home Sweet Home: The Renovation Chronicles

Home Sweet Home: The Renovation Chronicles

June 27, 2015 | DIY, Handmade Home | No Comments

For those folks that have been stopping in past this little place for a while and have been long time readers y’all will know that we are slowly but surely renovating our little home.

We live in a sweet Victorian terraced house that (sadly) had all of the lovely character and period features ripped out of it and we have been painstakingly trying to bring back the charm to our little abode with some TLC…and a lot of blood, sweat and tears.
Home Sweet Home: The Renovation Chronicles Made Peachy Taking on a renovation project is no small challenge – for a start it is nothing like how it seems in the movies. Fact! You will not be spending most of your time looking cute in an oversized man’s shirt, having fun paint fights with your fella and all of a sudden the whole place is glorious -more’s the pity! Within the first week of moving into our home I got the wake up call that this was a big job, and we were in it for the long haul.

That being said, as a couple we are the go-getter kind of folks, the not scared of hard graft and long days and so we set about planning the renovation project. Tasks were outlined, budgets were set and deadlines tentatively planned. This thing was GO!
Home Sweet Home: The Renovation Chronicles Made Peachy You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a still from Breaking Bad – but this is actually hubs all decked out for some rather grim attic clearing!

But, you know what? Life gets in the way sometimes. There are commitments with family and friends – and, lets face it, who would rather be mixing up cement or ripping down wallpaper over hanging out with your nearest and dearest? There has also been a lot of hurdles – not to mention being made redundant (Twice…in two years…I know, its hard not to take that a little personally, right?) But, slow and steady wins the race!

In a dream world the place would be ship shape and we’d be sitting back enjoying the fruits of our labour. So, when that dream and reality seem like they are never going to become one and the same thing it is hard not to start feeling bogged down and lose momentum.

Home Sweet Home: The Renovation Chronicles Made Peachy I hear you Waffle, sometimes it feels like life is all chores and DIY and not enough tennis ball!

So, how do you stay motivated whilst freshening up or renovating your home? Here are my Top 5 Tips for Keeping Motived While Renovating Your Home!

1 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Long projects are, as the name suggests, long. Most people embarking on a large project will break down the overall goal into a series of different elements – or steps – that lead to the final goal. The process of breaking down large goals into a series of smaller steps has long been praised for helping people achieve success with their project, no matter what it is. Create your own list, working room by room, marking out the individual elements that make up the over all goal for the project. Checking back over this list is great way to remind you what it is that all this hard work is for and helps you to see the bigger picture.

2 Be Informed
Knowledge is power but you simply can’t know everything about everything. There are so many different and varied jobs that make up a home renovations and it would be crazy to expect too become an overnight expert. Speak to friends, family and neighbours to build up an arsenal of reputable builders, plumbers, plasters and tradesmen so you have just the right back up when you need it. Grab a DIY book, there are so many books dedicated to home maintenance and renovations and having one on hand as a reference is a great way to build your knowledge, discover new skills and identify when exactly you might need to call on an expert!

3  Celebrate the Small Successes
When it feels like you are currently living in a building site or you feel as though staring at stripped down walls for one more day might send you over the edge be sure to remember what you have already achieved. Taking Before and After snaps are a surefire way to boost your spirits. So, when morale is at an all-time low look back over the pictures of that ugly concrete fireplace that is now a real talking point or that scrubby patch of wasteland that could barely be called a garden that is now a lush haven of plant life.

4 Plan Down Time
Home renovation burnout is a thing. Or, at least it should be. When you are working on a huge project, with lots and lots of different stages to work through to get to your goal is it almost impossible not to feel like you should be working every hour of the day. Break up the schedule with fun, relaxing things too – keep up with your hobbies, see your friends and families. Creating a set divide between work time and leisure time will help prevent you from getting the guilts about not working on your home and will allow you to make the most of your down time. It’s a lot easier to spend a whole weekend wearing a dust mask and wielding a sander knowing that the following weekend you will be chilling with your folks, taking a trip, or heading out to your fave restaurant.

5 Dream, Dream, Dream!
Never forget that it was your dreams that got you into this ‘mess’ in the first place! And while you’re surrounded by tools, boxes of tiles, cans of paint it can be hard to see how that dream is ever going to come to fruition. So, I say keep on fuelling that dream and don’t ever stop! Setting a wish list for future home goodies is a great motivator, because if getting your hands on the rug of your dreams (and, yes, thats a thing!) means spending four days straight sanding down wooden floors then suddenly the task is less of a chore and you’ll know the sooner this is is done the sooner you’ll get that rug of your dreams! Pinterest is great for collecting together all your ideas so why not create a wish list of your own dream additions for your home?
Here’s a little peak at a few of the fave home must-haves from my current wish list!

Home Sweet Home: The Renovation Chronicles Made Peachy 1 Storage Cubby Unit  £125 Within

2 Anet Vase Collection from Broste Copenhagen  From £39  The Scandinavian Shop

3 Pineapple Lamp  £65  Maiden
4 Geo Pastel Cushions by Ellie Hyde  £40 Graduate Collection

 5 Georgia Bar Cart  £575  Eco Chic
Yes – I know, a bar cart that is the equivalent of a mortgage payment may seem a little excessive, but this is wish list after all, so indulge me!

Are you working on a renovation project? Have you made it to the finish line? I’d love to hear how you kept your motivation going throughout!


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