How to add a Hot Spot Accent

How to add a Hot Spot Accent

How to add a Hot Spot Accent

September 18, 2015 | Skills | No Comments

Happy Friday Friends!

Today is the start of the Handmade Fair and one of the fab things that I will be sharing over on the Vilene Stand W3 is creating motifs, decals and accents for fabrics using Hot Spots and transfer foils! So, how about a quick step-by-step guide to using Hot Spots!

What are Hot Spots? That is a very good questions! This is a fusible adhesive that is made up of a series of dots and is held in place on a carrier sheet. (Much like Bondaweb, although think dots of adhesive and not web of adhesive!)

How to add a Hot Spot Accent Made Peachy Grab your Supplies…
Cut a sheet of Hot Spots to your desired shape and design – you can cut the sheet by hand, with a die cutting machine or a laser cutter, these swallow motifs are laser cut.
A sheet of transfer foils
Baking parchment
Fabric or finished make to be decorated

How to add a Hot Spot Accent Made Peachy One side of the sheet of hot posts will feel rough, this is the tiny dots of adhesive, the other side is the backing sheet that will be removed once this has been applied.

How to add a Hot Spot Accent Made Peachy On to the surface of your finished make, here is a simple envelope cushion cover, place the Hot Spot motif with the glue (rough) side onto the right side of the fabric. You can move the design about until you are happy with the placement. When you are happy with the arrangement of the design, conver the motif with a piece of baking parchment – this protects both the iron and the fabric while the Hot Spots are applied. With the iron on a medium setting, press and hold the surface of the iron plate over the Hot Spot design to fuse it to the fabric. Hold in place for 10-15 seconds.

How to add a Hot Spot Accent Made Peachy Set the work aside to cool fully – you can speed this process up if you take this from the ironing board and place it on a table. Once completely cooled you can lift off the baking parchment and then peal away the backing paper. This will leave the dots of adhesive on the surface of the fabric ready – depending on the coil our of the fabric (light colours are more tricky than dark ones!) you might not be abler o see the dots, but you will be able to feel them if you run your fingers over the surface.

How to add a Hot Spot Accent Made Peachy Applying the colour to Hot Spots is done with a sheet of transfer foil, this is placed on top of the applied Hot Spots with the colour side uppermost – it is very tempting to put the colour side face down on to the hot spots, but remember that these are being applied to the surface to the colour that you want on the surface needs to be uppermost. Cover the transfer foil with the sheet of baking parchment, this again allows you to hard heat to the Hot Spots and transfer foil without damaging the iron or fabric. With a medium setting, press and hold the iron in place to fuse the transfer foils to the surface of the Hot Spots.

How to add a Hot Spot Accent Made Peachy Place aside to cool fully. Once the backing parchment and the sheet of transfer foil can be removed and will reveal the dotted motif accented with the glittering colours of the transfer foils!

Tah Dah! The possibilities for adding striking accents to your makes are endless! Have you tried Hot Spots yet? What accents or motifs would you create?


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