How To Wind A Centre Pull Ball Of Yarn

How To Wind A Centre Pull Ball Of Yarn

How To Wind A Centre Pull Ball Of Yarn

September 18, 2013 | Crafts | 1 Comment

I love luxury yarns as much as the next girl, that’s assuming that the next girl has a stash so large that she could knit a sweater a day for the rest of her life and still have some going spare.

It’s virtually impossible to pass up a skein of something truly lovely – the beautiful twist of the hank of fibres is just so touchable and squeezable and irresistible. The first thing that you’re going to have to do with any new skein of yarn is to ball it up. And, now you’ve got an image of your kids, husband, best chum, puppy with their hands/feet/paws held out in front of them holding the yarn while you whizz around in circles making up a ball.

Now, this is all well and good but there is an easier way to ball up yarn, one that allows the knitter to knit from the centre of the ball rather then working from the outside of the ball in towards the centre. I like my yarn to work from the centre out – now before you give me that look that says I’m potty, let me explain. These balls seem to be more regular in shape, the carefully twisting of the yarn holds it together whilst you are using the yarn. A centre pull ball of yarn has a flat(ish) base, meaning the you can pop it next top you, on your lay or on the table, and draw the yarn from the centre, the ball wont go rolling around all over the place and get itself in a tangle. Neat huh?!
So, let me show you How To Wind a Centre Pull Ball Of Yarn…

YarnBall1 Grab your supplies…
You don’t need anything more fancy or high tech than a chunky needle – this is 10mm needle – and your skein of posh yarn.
YarnBall3Open out you skein of yarn and either place in a loop hung over a chair back or (if you have one) onto a yarn swift. Pick up one of the tails and create a slip knot a 8cm from the end of the yarn.
YarnBall4Slide the knot onto the centre of the needle and draw it up to tighten it securely – this will become your knitting end.
YarnBall5Use one hand to anchor the yarn tail at the knotted end of yarn in place and begin wrapping the yarn around the needle. Slide each loop down so that it sits neatly on top of the one before,keep on wrapping until there is between 8-10cm of snug yarn wraps.
YarnBall6With the knotted tail held securely, begin working the yarn around the foundation loops of yarn. Work the yarn around the wraps in figure of eights – taking the yarn from the top right-hand side across the front and down to the bottom left, over the front of the wrapped needle. Then bring to the lower right-hand side at the back of the needle and then up to the upper left-hand side then back to the starting position at the upper right-hand side to complete the figure of eight.

As with knitting you need to try to maintain an even tension – you don’t want the yarn to be too loose so that the ball doesn’t hold its shape, but at the same time you don’t want to draw it so tight that delicate fibres get stretches or damaged.
YarnBall7Continue wrapping in the figure of eights, slowly rotating the knitting needle to distribute the yarn. You’re getting into your groove now, am I right? And, it’s starting to look like a ball of yarn! Now, might be a good time to grab a coffee and a little something sweet to eat – you’re blood sugar might be dropping at this point. I’m not going to lie to you, balling up yarn by hand is never a speedy task, but trust me you’ll soon get into a rhythm and it’ll be finished up in no time…I promise!
YarnBall8Continue wrapping and twisting until the whole skein is wrapped neatly into a ball around the needle. Then all you need to do is slide the needle out from the centre of the ball, holding on to the knotted end, and your neatly balled up yarn will be ready to use – tah dah!

manosOne of the best things about hand winding yarn is that you get to see all the lovely colours and tones, particularly if it is hand dyed, like knit one. And, because looking at this amazing yarn has probably got you wondering where you can get your knitty mits on it – this delicious yarn is Manos Silk Blend in Colouway 6460 Scorpio – and let me guess you’ve already been thinking about a lovely new sweater, a stylish shawl or even a cosy beanie in this scrummy yarn!

Now, go forth and knit with your centre pull yarn ball – you’ll no longer be pulling a length to work with only to have to chase it around the room!

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