Iced Peach Green Tea

Iced Peach Green Tea

Iced Peach Green Tea

August 2, 2013 | Eats | 1 Comment

So, it’s another scorcher! Another sunshining, mercury raising, swelteringly hot summer’s day.

Whilst I’d like to be think I’ll be spending the entire day lazing in the garden, reading a book and relaxing with the dog, I know that I have a long (read: seemingly never ending) day ahead of me, tucked away in the studio sewing and making.

Don’t get me wrong. Spending a day at the sewing machine – for work – and catching up on audiobooks, or even a few episodes from my new favourite series isn’t the worst way to be spending a work day. But, even with every window in the house thrown open, it does feel like a crime to be shut up indoors when the weather is so glorious.

Doing pretty much anything in this heat, that’s not reclining on a sun lounger (albeit, with my generous helping of freckles, in the shade), is exhausting. When it comes down to it, sitting at a computer or sitting at a sewing machine, its all pretty much the same – hot and tiring – but standing over the ironing board, pressing a millions seams, and smoothing lots of itty-bitty fabric pieces is undoubtedly one of the most grueling task when you’re in the midst of a heatwave…and, I say that as a girl who love to iron.

Hold up, this isn’t a pity party! I’m sure I’m not alone feeling like whatever I’m doing today it isn’t sitting outside enjoying the weather – which is what we’d all rather be doing. But, friends, I have a secret weapon up my sleeve, well rather in the fridge – and it’s just the thing to bring the temperature down and the spirits up.

Ladies & gents, give it up for Iced Peach Green Tea

Peach Tea 3

Ice tea is one of my all time favourite drinks and seems like I’m always looking for new tea flavours and combinations to try. You’ll rarely find me without a huge tumbler of ice tea on the go. My Instagram feed is a testament to that fact. I love ice tea and I simply can’t get enough of it.

If you’ve ever tired to make ice tea at home, but found it all cloudy, bitter and with that weird film on the top…then you need to check out this recipe – I promise you, smooth, refreshing tea without any bitterness, just like the one’s you’ve had on holiday or from a cafe.

Surprisingly, it took me quite some time to find just the right peach tea, but when you taste it, I think you’ll agree – this is bliss!

Grab your supplies…
4-6 Peach Green Tea Bags (These are my favourites!)
Large jug or 1.5l jar
Boiling water
Chilled water, up to 1l
Up to 1/4 teaspoon Baking Soda or Bicarbonate of Soda (trust me on this one)
Ice, lots and lots of Ice
Fresh peach to garnish
Makes one litre of Iced Peach Green Tea

Get stuck in…
Add up to 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda to the large jug add the tea bags.
Cover the tea bags with boiling water so that the jug is a quarter full.
Allow to stand for 15 – 20 minutes for the teabags to steep.
Remove the teabags, now is a good time to have a quick taster of the tea – if you want to add sugar, honey or any sweetener add it in now and stir until it’s fully dissolved.
Top up with chilled water, add ice and refrigerate until icey-cold!

meandtea24oz Mazon Tumber, The Mason Bar Company, £9.83

You can make larger or smaller volumes of tea depending on the level of your ice tea addiction – and the space you have for chilling and storing it in your fridge.

For smaller servings, use a minimum of two tea bags to ensure you get the full flavour and scale down the baking soda or bicarbonate of soda. You never want to be able to actually taste this in your brew, but never omit this magic little ingredient. The baking soda or bicarbonate of soda is what gives your ice tea is smooth, glossy, glassy finish and takes away any bitterness – trust me, add a pinch to whatever ice tea recipe your trying and you’ll be so pleased with the results.

Peach Tea 2Grab a glass, fill it with Ice Peach Green Tea and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you to know that I own (and wear) this…


I ♥ Sweet Tea Trucker Hat £19.95

So, while it’s swealteringly hot out there, let’s just all drink more ice tea and be happy – and if you’ve found a to-die-for ice tea flavour or combo, share it in the comments, I’m always on the look out for new ice tea ideas!

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