Knitting: Casting Off Knitting

Knitting: Casting Off Knitting

Knitting: Casting Off Knitting

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So, ya’ll mastered the casting on for your knitting, right? But unless you want the world’s longest scarf, you will need to learn how to finish up those knitted stitches.  At the end of your knitting project you will need to secure the last row of stitches to ensure they don’t come undone and that the piece of knitting doesn’t unravel.

Securing the stitches is called casting off – or binding off –  and this is done at the end of virtually every knitting project that you will work. This step-by-step guide to Casting Off will show you how to secure the stitches and leave a neatly finished edge.

Casting-off-step1Once you have completed your knitting, you are ready to cast off. Turn the knitting as if to work the next row ready to cast off the stitches.
Casting-off-step2Knit the first to stitches in the row. You will now have two stitches on the right-hand needle.
Casting-off-step3Pass the tip of the left-hand needle into the first of the two stiches on the right-hand needle and lift it over the second of the two stitches on the right-hand needle.

Casting-off-step4Allow the stitch to slide off the tip of the needle. This stitch will be looped around the remaining stitch on the right-hand needle and will now be secured.
Casting-off-step5Knit the next stitch on the left-hand needle to create two more stitches on the right-hand needle. Picking up the first of these two stitches with the tip of the left-hand needle, bring it over the second stitch and slide off the needle.
Casting-off-step6Continue in the manner knitting one stitch at a time and passing the first stitch from the right hand-needle over it, letting it slide from the needle to secure it. As you work you will notice a neat row of secured cast off stitches sitting along the upper edge of the knitting.
Casting-off-step7Once all of the stitches have been cast off knit the remaining stitch and trim the yarn to a 10cm tail. Slip the last stitch from the needle and pass the tail of the yarn through the loop of the stitch before drawing up to create a secure knot.
Casting-off-step8The knitting has now been secured and the stitches cast off, weave in the yarn ends to neaten and finish the project.

So, there isn’t much more too it – you can cast on and, now, cast off…so what’s stopping you?

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