Liberty Chevron Quilt

Liberty Chevron Quilt

Liberty Chevron Quilt

October 10, 2013 | Crafts, Reads | 5 Comments

When the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing by Lucinda Ganderton & Christine Leech: Quadrille, £20, landed on my desk I just knew I was in for a treat!

Liberty is renowned the whole world over for its iconic prints and this book brings together all the desirability of the brand and packages it up with a collection of modern sewing projects – what could be better?

Of course, as you would expect from Liberty, this is a desirable coffee table book, but it is also so much more, there is plenty of projects to egnite your stitching creativity- from cushions and sewing organisers (pssst – You can find the free Sewing Tidy pattern here!) to quilts and even a bicycle seat cover!

I’ve not kept my feelings about my love for chevron prints quiet so I’m utterly over the moon to be able to share with you this wonderful pattern for a Liberty Chevron Quilt!
Made Peachy Liberty Book of Sewing
If the word ‘patchwork’ conjures up images of folksy throws then think again. This contemporary, graphic design is deceptively easy to stitch yet is an excellent introduction to core patchwork techniques.

Grab your supplies…
Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric in coordinating prints of your choice:
112 x 80cm in print 1 (shown here in Mackintosh in colourway B)
112 x 80cm in print 2 (shown here in Newbury in colourway B)
112 x 80cm in print 3 (shown here in Herbert in colourway B)
112 x 80cm in print 4 (shown here in Wells in colourway B)
112 x 150cm in print 5 (shown here in Lowke in colourway B)
120 x 150cm white cotton sheeting
200 x 230cm cotton or bamboo quilt wadding
210 x 240cm white double sheet, for backing
cutting mat and rotary cutter
6 inch quilter’s ruler *
long ruler
quilter’s curved safety pins
white quilting thread
matching sewing thread
sewing machine
sewing kit

Finished size
Approximately 175 x 210cm

* note
Quilter’s rulers are marked in inches, not centimetres, so the instructions for cutting out the patches are based on non-metric measurements. The quilt is built up of simple 6in squares, each made from one white and one blue rectangle. The quickest way to prepare these is by rotary piecing as shown, but alternatively you can join two 6 x 3.5in patches by either hand or machine to make the block.

Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingSeaming the strips
Tear off a 10cm deep strip of sheeting and Liberty Lifestyle craft fabric print, ripping them widthways across the fabric. With the right side facing inwards, pin the print fabric to the sheeting. Machine stitch together, leaving a 1cm seam allowance, then press the seam towards the patterned fabric.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingCutting out the squares
Place the joined strips, right side up, on a cutting mat. Position the quilter’s square on top, so that the centre 3in marking is directly over the seam line. Carefully cut along each side of the square with a rotary cutter. You will need to make 38 blocks from print 5 and 28 blocks from the other four prints. Cut 19 6 x 3cm rectangles from print 5 for the top and bottom edges.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingLaying out the blocks
All the blocks are set ‘on point’ (diagonally). Starting at the top edge, lay out ten print 5 blocks with the print rectangles at the top. The next row is made up of nine print 1 blocks, this time with the print at the bottom. Now add ten more print 1 blocks with the print at the top. Continue adding interlocking rows of nine or ten blocks, grading the colours from dark to light: print 2, print 3, then print 4. Repeat the sequence of five stripes, then finish off with the last nine print 5. Add the print 5 rectangles at top and bottom to complete the zigzags.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingSewing on the rectangles
Join the rectangles along the top edge of the quilt top to the blocks in the row directly below. With right sides facing, pin the rectangle to the top edge of the block. Machine stitch with a 6mm seam allowance, then press the seam allowance over the rectangle. The rectangles along the bottom edge of the quilt are sewn to the bottom of the blocks above them.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingJoining the blocks into rows
The blocks are stitched together in diagonal rows to make four large triangular sections. These are then joined up to make a rectangle. Start at the top right corner, with section A. Join the ten blocks that make up the right edge of the triangle, with 6mm seam allowances. Press the seam allowances away from the white fabric. Now join the nine blocks that make up the next row in the same way.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingJoining the rows together
With right sides facing, pin the two rows together. Matching the left edges and insert a pin at each of the points where the seams meet. Machine stitch 6mm from the edge, finishing the seam 6mm from the end of the final rectangle.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingPressing the seams
Press back a 6mm turning along the edge of the rectangle and press the long seam allowance downwards, over the first row. This will give you a pre-neatened top edge when you make up the quilt. Join the remaining rows in the same way.

Assembling the other sections
Make up section B, starting with the bottom right row of blocks and matching up the right edge of each row. You can seam these rows together from edge to edge. The rows in section C are also joined from edge to edge. Neaten the bottom edge of section D in the same way as the top edge.
Join section A to B and section C to D. Press the seams to one side, then join the two large triangles to complete the quilt top.
trimming the edges
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingNow trim off the surplus fabric to straighten up the side edges. Place a long ruler along the right edge of the quilt top, in line with the inside corners. Draw a pencil line along the ruler, then continue down to the bottom corner. Do the same on the left edge and cut along both lines.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingLayering the quilt
Press the backing sheet and spread it out over the floor. Spread the wadding centrally on top, then lay the quilt top, right side up, centrally over the two layers. Starting at one edge and working across the quilt, pin the layers together with curved quilter’s safety pins. Position them in a regular grid at intervals of about 15cm.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingWorking the quilt
Using white thread, sew lines of short running stitches along the top and bottom edges of each white zigzag, 6mm from the seam lines.

Removing the surplus fabric
Tack along the side edges, then trim off the surplus wadding and sheeting in line with the edge of the patchwork. Trim the wadding at the top and bottom in line with the folded edge. Cut away the surplus backing following the zigzag edge, but leaving a 1cm margin as the seam allowance.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingNeatening the side edges
Make a small snip into the margin at each inside corner. Tack the backing to the patchwork, turning the seam allowance inwards as you go, so the two folded edges match exactly. Slip stitch the edges together using dark sewing thread.

Binding the side edges
Cut four 112 x 5cm strips from the remaining print 5. With right sides facing, join the short ends and press the seams open. Press under a 1cm turning at the end of both remaining binding strips. Line the folded end up with the neatened edge of the quilt and pin the strip to the quilt. Trim the other end so that it is 1cm longer than the quilt and fold under this overlap.

Sew the strip in place and turn the folded edge over to the wrong side. Slip stitch the fold to the quilt.
Made Peachy Liberty Book of SewingThis gorgeous graphic chevron quilt is from The Liberty Book Of Simple Sewing, and I have one copy to giveaway! This is must-have book for any stitching fan so to be in with a chance of winning, leave a comment below sharing why you’d love to win this book! Easy!

Winners (UK entrants only please folks) will be announced on Thursday 17 October! Good Luck!

♥ – ♥ – ♥

Made Peachy Liberty Book of Sewing

Liberty Book of Simple Sewing by Lucinda Ganderton & Christine Leech, £20 (Quadrille)


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  1. Reply

    Sam Sainty

    October 13, 2013

    I was lucky enough to spot this book in our local library yesterday. So many great makes in there I’ll never get through everything before I need to return it for the next lucky crafter to come along. If I could have a copy to live on my shelf permanently, however……Thanks for the opportunity x

  2. Reply


    October 13, 2013

    oh my, what a stunning quilt! everything about it is perfect, i love those edges too! after seeing this i’d love to win, such a lovely giveaway 🙂 x

    also, great illustrations!

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  4. Reply


    March 28, 2016

    Im making this quilt at the moment. The above instructions are taken exactly from the Liberty book and I have to say these instructions are so irritating!!! The number of blocks needed of each colour is all wrong. The instructions say you only need 28 of colours 1-4 and 38 of colour 5. HOWEVER this is all wrong when you get down to it. In actual fact you need 38 of every colour!!! Iv read and re-read the instructions, and even counted the blocks on the book’s illustrations and no matter how many times I count it or in what way I do it I get the exact same result … 38 blocks of each colour!!! It also means that the amount of each fabric you need at the beginning is also inaccurate. Iv started it so Im going to finish it but I’m pretty sure it’ll be the death of me from a mere patients point of view

    Super irritating

    • Reply


      April 8, 2016

      So sorry that you have had trouble with this quilt – as you have suggested this is direct from the publisher so I was not aware that there were any issues. If you have a note of the correct instructions that you want to send me I can update this and also let the publisher know so that others don’t have the same trouble.

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