Looking back on 2013

December 31, 2013 | Events | 7 Comments

What a year! In so many ways the last twelve months have kicked my ass. And, I mean really kicked my ass. But, now that the year is almost out, it is hard not to get every single shade of soppy and sentimental about the things that have come to pass, the situations, lessons and experiences.

What did I love?
For fear of sounding like the soppiest gal on the planet, I’m going to go right ahead and say my husband. Yup, I’m really that much of a sap. My very favourite thing about this man is his ability to amaze and surprise me each and every day, oh and don’t even get me started on his smile…!

You may or may not have noticed, but this spring we got our very own puppy. I have been longing for a Border Terrier since before I even knew what they were, when they were just “you know, those scruffy little dogs with funny beards that kinda look like little old men!” The day little Waffle snuffled into our lives was a truly happy one, I don’t think that a day goes by when I don’t think about how much I adore that funny, smart, cute and adorable pup! Watching him grow and learn a heap of new things has been utterly amazing. He’s taken us on so many adventures this year and I can’t wait for millions more next year.

What did I learn?
That when life throws you lemons you got to grab the tequila and throw yourself a party – and I’m not talking a pity party either. Earlier this year I found myself in the unfortunate and painful position of being made redundant. Now, anyone who has ever been in that position know just how dark those days can feel – because, lets face it there is no greater kick in the guts than being told you’re ‘redundant’, am I right? With a roof to keep over our heads and a hungry pup and husband to feed, there was no time for me to sit back and wallow in all those feelings – as much as I’d like to have, believe me. It was a case of pick yourself up, dust yourself down and, honey badger, get yourself back in action!

The thought of working freelance had always freaked me the freak out – no word of a lie. But, sometimes when you ain’t got nothing holding you back you just kinda, well, go for it. And, go for it I did. There were a lot of lists in those early days, I’m talking notebook upon notebook of lists and lists and lists. Then things got busy, things got really, hot damn busy. I like busy. Busy is good. This unique brand of busy got me to thinking about directions and options and all manner of grown up stuff. Then my friends, I launched my own business – just like that ping! My very own business. OK, maybe there was a lot of research, planning, business plan writing and accountant meeting  before the actual ping! But there was the ping! none the less. Let me tell you that ping! is the polar opposite to the feeling you get when the rug is pulled out from under you, and I’ll take that – rug pulling and all, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What inspired me?
One thing that has made this year feel like a fairground ride has been dashing about all over the country demonstrating stitching at a whole heap of shows and events. I still have to pinch myself when I think that I was lucky enough to take part in these, let alone that I’ll be done the same again (plus a few more!) next year! I’ve met the most amazing groups of people, heard talks from incredible and inspiring artists, worked with some of the finest, most talented textile artists around. Just being in the company of people that radiate creativity and passion, it would be impossible not to have this rub off!

Working from home and having a small hound to take for regular exercise, having a flexible working schedule and being able to step out for a stroll with the dog has been a brilliant way to recharge, each and every day- it’s like I took my own advice!

What have I been thankful for?
Family and friends, because they are gems, aren’t they? They are the ones that help you through the tough times, are there to celebrate the joys and share with you their wonderful moments. It’s been a year of meeting new people and making new friends, around the country, around the globe and I’m so thankful for my new friends, my new co-workers, and you – you amazing guys that stop in past to visit – I’d love for us to get to know each other better, if you have a blog, do leave a comment below and share your link, so I can head on over and get to know you a little better!

Now, I’m going to roll over and sweetly say to you, so honey, how was it for you? What did you love? What did you learn? What inspired you? What are the moments from this year that will stay with you forever?

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The night ahead of us is for celebrations, for glancing back with fondness and tenderness (where possible), toasting those that we can’t share the evening with, and looking forward to the year ahead and all that it holds in store. Tonight is a night for friends, drinking whiskey sours, playing crass card games and making memories, so at midnight I shall be raising my glass wishing you all the very best for a magical New Year!