Love For Liberty & Winner Announcement

Love For Liberty & Winner Announcement

Love For Liberty & Winner Announcement

October 17, 2013 | Style | 1 Comment

There is no denying that just looking at Liberty prints will lift your mood and brighten your day. Don’t just take my word for it, next time you’re feeling gloomy, hunt out a pretty Liberty print and see if just the simple sight of it brings a smile to your face! There is something just something magical about them and the colour addict in me just can’t get enough. And, it’s not only the fabrics that I have a weakness for…check out some of my most coveted treasures from Liberty!
Liberty Prints Made Peachy

1 Cream Christelle Lavender Bag, £15.95
2 Multicolour Ianthe Print Silk Scarf, £150
3 Margaret Annie Print Pleated Dress, £60
4 Assorted Print Sticker Labels, £6.95
5 Blue Iphis Leather Card Holder, £45
6 Purple Betsy Shower Cap, £20

Whilst at the Knitting  & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace last week. I chanced upon a stand that was awash with this feelgood fabric – Alice Caroline in this splended corner of the internet you’ll find not only Liberty fabrics, patterns and notions, but a whole host of heavenly ready-to-make kits too! With my current love of hexi-patchwork, how could I not be tempted by this glorious bag?
Anna_hex_summer_main-800x723Liberty Hexagon Patchwork Anna Bag Kit, £35 contains everything that you need to make the stylish tote, including 30 pre-cut hexagons, lining, wadding and instructions.

Be sure to check out Alice Garrett’s Blog – it’s not only a riot of colours, but it’s flooding with passion for prints and bursting with all things beautiful.

Want something else to brighten your day? It’s time to announce the winner of the Liberty Book of Simple Sewing Giveaway!
Liberty Sewing Made Peachy

Sam Sainty

You won’t need to worry about checking this out of your local library now – this beauty will be heading over to you shortly – please check your email and send over your UK postal address!

It’s sad that there can’t be more winners, because this is one of the finest, most stylish sewing books in the land! You can always add a touch of liberty to your own home, with this striking Liberty Print Chevron Quilt!

I don’t think my love affair with Liberty will be going anywhere anytime soon – so if you spot any Liberty print beauties, remember to let me know!


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1 Comment

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    Sam Sainty

    October 17, 2013

    Wow…thank you so much ! I’m off to return my borrowed copy to the library for someone else to enjoy.

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