Mary Ellen’s Made By Hand Giveaway Winners!

Mary Ellen’s Made By Hand Giveaway Winners!

Mary Ellen’s Made By Hand Giveaway Winners!

February 6, 2014 | Tried & Tested | No Comments

Holy heck that last week just flew by!

In the last week since I posted the tried and tested on Mary Ellen’s Made By Hand the gel has become my every day staple! While I’ve been working on a colossal pile of commissions, I’ve been dabbing on a little blob of this awesome gel here and there and the difference is actually incredible. Would it be lame to say I feel like a new woman? Well, that’s exactly what it’s like. New hands -awesome…all I need for is for them to work a whole lot quicker, though this mountain of work!

As you know I do like to share the love, so it’s time to announce the winners of the Made By Hand giveaway…

1 Dee Weaver
2 Maureen Head
3 KateH
4 Sara
5 Phip Ward

Congrats you lucky ducks!

Be sure to check your email and send over your UK postal address so that we can get these sent out to you!

Now, if anyone needs me, you’ll find me at the sewing machine, stitching away like it’s my job! The To Make Pile is towering dangerously high on my work desk, today I have the task of catching up with a few (well, more like an insane amount!) of seams and get this bits and bobs finished up, pressed and out that door!
I’m not complaining, there are far, far worse ways to be spending a cold and rainy Thursday! What’s better it’s a rather mixed bag of makes, baby projects, accessories, even a couple of quilts, so there is no danger of me getting bored!

Plus, set up next to the sewing machine (cranked up to full volume!) is my Kindle, play out audiobooks – I’m pretty hooked on a zombie adventure series right now (I know, it’ll give me nightmares and I’ll have no-one to blame but myself!) So, all I need is an endless supply of Chai Tea Lattes and I think that this has the makings to be a pretty rad day!

Do you like to listen to music or audiobooks when your stitching – or even catch up on your fave TV shows – do share your latest while-sewing entertainments, I’m sure to run out of Zombie books before I finish up this pile of projects!
Whatever project your working on, have a great day, y’all!


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