Merry Christmas Y’all

Merry Christmas Y’all

Merry Christmas Y’all

December 25, 2014 | Events | 2 Comments

Happy Jolly Merry Christmas To You All!

Today is a day for family and festive fun, but I wanted to just stop in to wish you all a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.

JollyMerryFinalJolly Merry Garland!

It’s super hard not to get very soppy at this time of the year, so I will keep this short and sweet, the last 12 months have been a complete joy, and I feel blessed that you, sweet readers, have joined me on this exciting journey.

So, thank you for coming along, for reading this creative journal, leaving your lovely comments, checking out the makes and recipes and most of all for being out and out rad!

So, friends, wishing you the very happiest of holidays!

With lots of love for a very Happy Christmas! 

Arm & Finger Knitting Coverps I’d love to be able to give you all a little gift for Christmas…so, while I can’t whizz around the globe scattering gifts like Father Christmas (although that would be pretty awesome!) I’d love for you to get a copy of my new book (on sale March 2015!) Be sure to check out this giveaway – international entries are welcome!

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    December 26, 2014

    Merry Christmas, Laura! xo

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      December 30, 2014

      Hope you & your family had a lovely Christmas Julie! Sending you best wishes for 2015!

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