Mini Pumpkin Chalkboards

Mini Pumpkin Chalkboards

Mini Pumpkin Chalkboards

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With Halloween just around the corner, it would be foolish not to embrace the passion for decorating the house with pumpkins. As I’m not at home  for this year’s spooky celebration, I wanted to make something that might last a little longer than a carved pumpkin – plus, if, I’m going to be scooping out a pumpkin I want to be home to take full advantage and make hundreds of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!

DIY chalkboard paint has been on my radar – and my Pinterest boards – for a long time and I decided that this was just the right season to get on board and give this colourful project a fun autumn twist.

So my friends, how about DIY Mini Pumpkin Chalkboards, that you can decorate as you wish – with Jack-O-lantern faces for fun slogans that you can wipe away and refresh whenever you fancy – I know, neat huh? This is a fun alternative to the traditional pumpkin decorations for the season, and it is a great project to make with the kids too!
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
Pumpkin paints  – I picked out a mini tester pot in bright Jelly Bean orange, because it was called Jelly Bean…I couldn’t help myself!
Unsanded grout
Ceramic pumpkin decoration
Chalk & Conte sticks
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins Made PeachyMix together the paint with one tablespoon of unsanded grout, until the it forms a smooth paste with no lumps remaining. Simple as that – chalkboard paint!
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins Made PeachyJack2Work over the ceramic with the paint to give a neat even coating. Allow to dry before applying a second coat. The grout thickens the paint and it will start to harden and dry out fairly quickly, so only mix up what you will use for each project as, sadly, it wont keep.
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins Made PeachyAdd any additional coloured accents with paint, adding in grout to create the chalkboard finish – if you fancy it!
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins Made PeachyThe paint dries pretty quickly and in under and hour these little pumpkins are ready to decorate with standard chalks and conte sticks.
I prepped the chalkboards by rubbing a piece of chalk flat against the surface and rubbing the white away before working on my designs.
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins Made PeachyI replaced the hanging tags with natural twine and got stuck in making Jack-O-Lantern faces – the best part, as you’re using chalks and conte sticks, if you don’t like your drawing then you can simple wipe it away and start over!
DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins Made Peachy

Teaming the black of the conte stick and the white chalk gives a striking finish to the designs.

Now, won’t these look great hanging on the door ready for this year’s Trick or Treaters?

When the spooky season has passed, the Halloween motifs can be removed and can be replaced with other seasonal designs – or simply left as they are do create a colourful autumnal addition to your home. I’ll probably refresh mine to read, ” I ♥ PSL” – how will your customise your mini pumpkins chalkboards?

♥ – ♥ – ♥

These cute ceramic pumpkin decorations was £3.99 now £1.99 are available from Baker Ross

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