Mollie Makes Weddings – Exclusive Fabric Corsages & Boutonnieres

Mollie Makes Weddings – Exclusive Fabric Corsages & Boutonnieres

Mollie Makes Weddings – Exclusive Fabric Corsages & Boutonnieres

June 28, 2014 | Crafts | 3 Comments

You guys – because I know that y’all will love the wildly inspiring Mollie Makes Wedding book I’m stoked to share with you a fabulous and exclusive fabrics corsage project!

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without an array of beautiful blooms. Now you can become your own fabric florist by making these beautiful vintage-style corsages and boutonnieres for all your guests. Gorgeous on the day, they make a lasting souvenir to take home. So, let’s make Fabric Corsages & Boutonnieres!

Grab your supplies…
Toning small-print fabrics of your choice
Sewing threads to match
Double-sided fusible webbing
Stiff wire for flower stems and decorative craft wire for leaf stems
Sewing needle
Pinking shears, dressmaker’s scissors and scissors for cutting wire
Safety pins and fancy-headed pins

1 Start by making a corsage. Fuse your chosen fabrics together with fusible webbing. Use the petal templates to cut seven small petals and eight large petals on the bias by placing templates diagonally on the fabric. Cut a 2 x 30cm (¾ x 12in) fabric strip also on the bias.
Step 3_12 Snip into the centre of each petal. Gently fray the edges by using a pin to pull some of the threads free. Screw up into a tight ball and roll between your fingers. Open out, hold the corners and tug. Repeat along one long edge of the fabric strip.
Step 4_13 To make the flower centre, roll one end of the fabric strip to give you a tight start, then work outwards, coiling and twisting the fabric as you go. Tuck the loose end underneath and secure with a few stitches.
Step 5_14 Add the smaller petals first. Overlap the slit fabric at the petal base for a curved shape and stitch to the back of the flower centre. Add the next petal slightly overlapping the first, repeating to add all the small petals.
Step 7_1Attach the outer row of eight large petals as step 4. Use pinking shears to cut two large leaves from green fabric; fold in half and press the ‘vein’ lines. Snip into the centre at the base, overlap and attach to the flower back. Sew a fabric circle over the back to fix a safety pin to.
Bt step 26 To make a boutonniere, fuse fabrics together and cut out five large petals and a 4 x 30cm (1½ x 12in) fabric strip, all on the bias. Gather the fabric strip to make the flower centre: work small running stitches along one edge and pull tight. Start by rolling the strip tightly, then a little more loosely, until you reach the end; stitch through the base of the coil to secure.
Bt step 4 (alt)
7 Add each of the large petals in turn around the flower centre: keep them close and upright, and overlap as you go. (To give a more realistic look, roll the top edge of the petals and crease with your fingernail to hold in place.) Cut a piece of wire for the stem and push it into the base. Cut a 4cm (1½in) fabric circle and make a snip to the centre. Fit the fabric circle around the stem and fold into a cone shape to fit neatly around the base of the flower, then stitch it in place.
Bt step 5
8 Use pinking shears to cut three small leaves from bonded fabrics. Take a length of decorative craft wire, double it, twist it and stitch it to the front of one of the leaves to create a central vein and stem. Repeat for the other two leaves, then twist the stems of all the leaves together to create the spray. Place the spray behind the flower and bind all the stems together tightly with ribbon, stitching the end to fasten.Use fancy-headed pins to attach the boutonnieres.
MMW SHOT 08Top Tip!
To make the flower for each corsage or boutonniere, you will need two toning small-print fabrics each measuring approx 35 x 35cm (14 x 14in), as well as a little green fabric for the leaves. Cutting on the bias gives the petal shapes a little bit of stretch for a lovely curvy look.


JennyA craft journalist by trade, Jenny has always loved to make things. She is based in Bath in the UK, where she shares her home with an outrageously large fabric stash. Find her online on her blog!

[Psst! Get in quick you guys – this free project is from Mollie Makes Weddings,  and will only be available here until January 2015…sounds ages away, I know, but if you plan on making it, be sure to get all the instructions and templates now!]

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