Nursery Tour!

Nursery Tour!

Nursery Tour!

May 15, 2017 | Crafts, Handmade Home | 2 Comments

Yay! I can’t believe that I finally get to share our Nursery with y’all!

This room started out as a spare/work/junk room – but, let me tell you, the main thing you would have noticed about it was that it was U G L Y! We had some pretty big issues to fix before we could think about starting the way more fun job of decorating – and that’s not even mentioning the gross shade of pink and super prickly (seriously, it caused injuries!) Artex-covered walls! So, after a stud wall was built and the whole room re-plastered, it was starting to look a lot more inviting!

Fortunately, this room – which looks out over our beautiful (thanks to my husband’s hard work!) garden – is a peaceful and sunny spot, and we wanted to make sure that this room was beautiful, restful and gender-netural for when our Little arrives. I am so so pleased with how it turned out!

We are not big on Disney-style motifs or crazy loud ‘nursery’ patterns – there is plenty of time for our Kid to decide exactly what she or he loves, and no doubt our whole house will be filled with dinosaurs/zoo animals/trucks/fairies/all of the above – so we opted for a scrummy shade of truffle with white accents and allowed the little details to do the talking!

Mounted Jackaloupe  £38/$50  White Faux Taxidermy
Gloss White Pendant  £48.64 – currently on sale, super easy to install & classic design First Choice Lighting 
SunzPod 3-in-1 Bedside Crib, EcoWhite  £199.95 Sunz
Rocking Chair & Circle Mirror  • Thrifted

Our Little will actually be resident in our room at first, so ensuring that we had the option for this room to double as a guest room (you know, for when a Granny comes to visit!) was also a priority – enter my single bed from when I was growing up!
It might be over two decades old, but thank you Habitat for making a design classic that, with a couple of plush pillows and a crochet throw, becomes the perfect day bed!
I can see this as the perfect reading, snuggling, snoozing spot…and, clearly Waffle has already claimed this as his own sunbeam nap-space!
I just love how this room will work as a guest room and nursery…although as we still have a bit of a wait on our hands for the Little, I think it will be used as a guest room first!
But, the hospital bag & rebozo are ready and waiting…you know, just in case the Little need to any reassurance that we are ready & excited!

As there will be times when this will be a guest room, I decided to switch out a conventional change table and make up a change station instead…so it can be easily moved to a different room so that not everyone in the house needs to be woken up for a 3am poopy nappy!

Leka birch baby gym £20  Ikea & handmade Quilted Baby Layette 
If I’m honest I had always envisioned using the Raskog  £49  Ikea as a drinks cart…but, who knew it would be the perfect place to stow cute nappies & change time essentials?
(And, yes, for the eagle-eyed – the string of bunting is indeed the bunting that was hanging on my husband’s wedding BMX!)
I know, I’m all about the little things..but details are important, am I right?!Books are a big deal in this house – and I’m not just because I’ve written a couple! So, we are gradually starting to build up a collection of our favourite reads to fill these custom handmade shelves  that we can wait to share with this Little future bookworm!

I’m a little slow stocking up on the handmade toys…I keep telling myself that there is plenty of time left to still make some!
But, when it comes to quilts, blankets, layettes, wraps and throws we certainly don’t have a shortage – I can confidently say that this Little shall never go cold!
Alongside the custom bookshelves, neatly fitted into the other side of the chimney alcove, we have a custom closet for hanging up all the tiny little clothes! It must be some sort of mama-to-be right of passage to hang up all the teeny weeny baby things onto mini hangers in the wardrobe – it makes your heart pop. And, yes, I know in a month’s time, operating on zero sleep and fuelled by the strongest coffee known to man, I will just be happy if I can find clean baby onesie that isn’t covered in poop and neatly hanging clothes will be a distant memory – so, yup, taken photos so I can know that it least it happened once!

Aside from this hand knitted Puerperium Cardigan, we are yet to pick out what we will be bringing the Little home in…really must get that packed or we will be raising a nudist!
It’s all the quirky, thrifted, handmade things that really make me happy!
I know that this Leafy Baby Blanket knitted by my mum is going to be a firm fave. I’ve not handmade as many things as I had wanted to what with still working and trying to be as helpful as is possible with these renovations when you are as wide as you are tall! But luckily I’ve lots of folks helping me out! My sweet, sweet sister-in-law has shared a couple of the gifts I handmade for her wee twins when they were newborns, which is about the kindest thing ever and yes, made me do a little sob!I had actually forgotten about this little Bear Lovie Comforter, to-date, our Kid has no teddies, plushes or cuddle toys at all, so this is gonna be getting all the action!
And, a cozy little Swaddle-Pod because it is my understanding that all babies should look like burritos!

I know that was hugely photo-heavy  – but I’m just so proud of all the hard work my talented and dedicated husband has done. You can put money on the fact that from now until the Little arrives I will most likely be in this room just blessing out on how lush it all is!


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    May 19, 2017

    beautiful, what a wonderful, amazing nursery! That’s one lucky little baby.

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      May 24, 2017

      Thank you so much – we can’t wait till the Little gets here to enjoy it! xox

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