Obesssed with…Unicorns

Obesssed with…Unicorns

Obesssed with…Unicorns

January 17, 2014 | Style | 1 Comment

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn!” Now there’s a motto I can get behind! This amazing instant download cross stitch chart, £2.50, XStitchesBeCrazy is just about the best thing I’ve seen all week!

Once upon a time there was a fairy princess who loved unicorns…this is kinda true. I used to have a job working as a fairy and unicorns are pretty rad, so let’s go with it!

Fortunately for me. Unicorns are not – I repeat, not – make believe. Well, not on Etsy that’s for sure! As a girl who spends rather too long searching out beautiful unicorn goodies, I thought I would share some of my favourite handmade finds because I’m Obsessed with Unicorns!
Obsessed with Unicorns Made Peachy1 Unicorn Headband  £15 JanineBasil
2 Unicorn Greeting Card £3 IsobelKho
3 Unicorn Pegasus Dress • £60 Frockasaurus
4 “Unicorns Are Lame – said nobody ever” T-Shirt £9.43 Skipnwhistle
5 Unicorn Statement Clutch Bag £32.68 • TheCuriousZoo
6 Unicorn Cookie Cutter £1.41 CookieCutterGuy
Unicorn Cake Toppers £4 MissSarahCake
8 Rose Gold Unicorn Ring £88 MONVATOOLondon
Unicorn Farts Lip Balm (thats pepermint and cotton candy scented, but you know that, right?!) £2.51 LongWinterSoapCo

Now, tell me that’s not just the spot of magic that you need to get you through your Friday!

Pssst! Love this round-up of my favourite handmade goodies? Check out my latest Handmade For You column in this months issue of Sewing World – on sale today!

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    January 17, 2014

    What an awesomely cool round up!! I adore that unicorn cookie cutter, and the cake topper is super awesome. Love it!

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