Obsessed with…wanderlust

Obsessed with…wanderlust

Obsessed with…wanderlust

July 18, 2014 | Style | 1 Comment

Can’t get enough of this super wall art poster £13.87, oflifeandlemons

It’s that time of year when if we aren’t jetting off on our summer holidays, we sure are dreaming about them. I will be falling into the category of dreaming of sunshine holidays this year, unless of course there last minute getaway that we decide to snap up!

Travel is one of my passions. I love to explore new places, go sightseeing and check out local beauty spots. Just the thought of snatching up my boarding card, throwing some essentials into a bag and picking out a book for the journey are enough to give me the travel bug!

Here are some of my handmade favourite wanderlust goodies for all you lucky folks that are planning to jet off some place sunny and fancy this summertime!

Wanderlust1 Aqua & Pink Chevron Pasport Case £7.20  FireboltCreations
2 Correspondance Purse £17.39  RosieArmoire
3 Cigar Box Travel Painting Set £88.76 • BlackOakArtisans
4 Hand Stamped Leather Luggage Tag  £15  AbercrombieCrumbs
5 Bug repellant All Natural Handmade Soap £4.20  N4youSoaps
6 Travel First Aid Kit £11.99   WildFernMedicinals
7 Paper Plane Necklace £16 TheVulpeculiar
8 Travel Documents Holder £19.93 • dedalopedal
9 Your Greatest Adventure Travel Journal  £12 • BookishlyUK

If that doesn’t give you a serious case of the travel bug – then I don’t know what will!

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You can see more of my handmade favourites in my Creative Clippings column in the latest issue of Sewing World magazine – the August issue is on sale today!

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    July 19, 2014

    what a wonderful subject for a round up, and I love the finds you’ve got here- my FIL would go crazy over that painting set. And I love that notebook!

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