Obsessed with Foxes

Obsessed with Foxes

Obsessed with Foxes

September 13, 2013 | Style | 1 Comment

Everywhere I look I see foxes. I’m starting to think that either the fox is my spirit animal or there is something of a fox trend epidemic going on!

You’ve only got to hop over to Etsy and you’ll be blown away by this must-have furry creature in all manner of creative incarnations. I love the brilliant orange-gold colour, I love the sleek shape of the faces, I love everything about them. What I love more is these cute little critters seem to have found a place in everything from homewares to accessories, and everything in between. Here are just a few of my favourite handmade foxy delights!

Foxes1 Mr Fox Stole My Heart Knitting Pattern £3.61 TinyOwlKints
2 Fox Locket £21.30 LocketFox
3 Sleeping Fox Hand Embroidered Bookmark £3.61 SleepingFoxStitchery
4 Medium Wooden Lid Fox Canister £ 9.18 Poussepoussecitron
5 Baby Fox Wrap Around Ring £45.88 WeldedHeart
6 Foxy iPad Mini Bag £53.59 Kekoyu
7 Scandinavian Fox Cushion £17.04 Gunnaydri
8 Ladies Red Fox Shoes £18.35 EmandSprout
9 Fox Panties £25.56 KnickerRocker

Is it just me or are foxes the hottest motif around?! Are you going crazy for these cuties too?

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    September 16, 2013

    I love foxy things, too! I have a bunch of fox sweaters, and a fox scarf, and fox mugs…. the only thing is that when there is an animal trend, it means it while go out of style, and I don’t’ wear fox stuff because ti’s trendy- they are just one of my favourite animals!

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