Obsessed with…Handmade Christmas Cards

Obsessed with…Handmade Christmas Cards

Obsessed with…Handmade Christmas Cards

November 15, 2013 | Style | 1 Comment

With under 40 days to go until the big day. I’ve realised that it’s time I got a wiggle on if I want to be ready and set for Christmas this year.

For as long as I can remember, sweet family friends have sent our family the most amazing, creative handmade cards. I’m not talking about a snowman motif stuck to some fancy paper…I’m talking about clever, witty ideas, elegant illustrations and exquisite execution. These cards tell stories, have moving parts, are just magical – everything that Christmas should be! [You know what, when I go back to visit my folks this Christmas, I’m going to dig them out – because of course, we kept them all!]

These cards are perhaps the most beautiful that I have seen. But, I think what I love the most about them (aside from the anticipation, as we’ve been receiving them for over twenty years, so we are always keen to see the next design!) is the fact that they are created by the family, all sitting down together, each taking a separate element to work on until the cards are complete.

Now, that’s just lovely, right?! So, for the last two decades I have been determined to make my very own Christmas cards…and, I think I may have only managed it once or twice. I either leave it too late in the day to complete them all in time to post, or never seem to be happy with the designs – our family friends sure have set some high standards in homemade Christmas cards!

When it comes to Christmas, I believe that handmade is best, so if your starting to think about writing and sending those Christmas Cards – you might want to check out these amazing handmade designs over on Etsy!
HandmadeChristmas Cards Made Peachy

The Cute – left to right
Illustrated Cards
£8.68 for a set of 5 HelloLittleThings 
Illustrated Cozy Mitten Cards £9.58 for set of 5 CutiepieCompany
Illustrated Knitted Owl Cards
£4 per set of 3 Paperplanedesigns

The Classic – left to right
Reindeer Letterpress Cards £12.77 set of 6 SweetPeonyPress
Hand Lettered Cards
£12.77 set of 5 • joliemade
Chalkboards Cards
£14.05 per set of 3 • ellolovely

The Cool – left to right
Christmas Sweater Cards £12 per set of 10 OwlandBrew
Christmas Movie Quote Card Printable £5.11 instant download PDF  LAShepherd
Ex-Library Book Papercuts Cards 
£12 per set of 6  MagpieMoonshine

Hey – do you feel fancy? Well, do you punk? How about addressing the envelopes with some pretty (faux) calligraphy – it’ll really wow your folks & friends!

Don’t forget that while it still seems like you’ve got (almost) all the time in the world to get those cards written, stamped and in the letterbox…the last airmail posting date before Christmas to our antipodean chums is as early as the first week in December!

♥ – ♥ – ♥

If you love these handmade ideas – then be sure to check out my other favourites in my column in the December issue of Sewing World – on sale today!

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