Obsessed With…Snow Globes

Obsessed With…Snow Globes

Obsessed With…Snow Globes

December 19, 2014 | Style | No Comments

Let It Snow, Snow Globe card, £2.30, Lily And Val 

We’re starting to walk up to a kiss of frost ion the mornings, making the early morning dog hike very chilly and quite magical.

This time of year is pretty hard to beat – everything seems so still and sparkling when its cold and wintery. Ok, I am a lot more in love with this weather since we have (finally) had fully functioning heating in our home – this will be the first winter in nearly four years that we have happily had heat. So, because the house is cosy and comfy, all I can seem to think about is snow! I wishing hard for a white Christmas…or a white New Years Eve…in fact, I’d settle for just one white Friday this winter, you know, just to be able to peek out the window and squeal, “It’s snooooowing!”

As if somehow this will cement my wish and make it a reality, I have been obsessed with Snow Globes – I mean these are all the magic of a winter wonderland in the palm of your hand – what could be better than that? Here are some of the incredible snow globes on Etsy that have stole my heart this winter!

snowglobes1 Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit  £17.70  GlobalShakeUp
 Snow Globe Rubber Stamp  £6.24  theKeris
 Zebra Snow Globe Print  £6.57  CocktailZoo
Snow Globe Ring  £18.51  Viviannaschmuk
5 Mason Jar Snow Globe  £15.76  CityGoose
6 Snow Globe Button Badge  £1  bymelimelo
7 Fawn Snow Globe Pendant  £6.57  BellaMiaDesign
8 Snow Globe Ornament Pattern  £3.94 – instant download  BetzWhite
9 Snow Globe Pillow Set  £17.07  CraftRoom

Is it just me or do snow globes make you even more excited about wintertime and the prospect of a white Christmas?

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