Parma Violets Flavour Syrup

Parma Violets Flavour Syrup

Parma Violets Flavour Syrup

January 22, 2014 | Eats | 6 Comments

When it comes to sweets, there is nothing quite as deliciously retro as a pack of Parma Violets!

You can imagine my delight when, on Christmas morning, I opened up my stocking to find the biggest stash of these scrummy sweets imaginable. While I’m happy to chomp my way through a pack straight up, just as they are, having so many I decided I wanted to try out a little something with them.

As you well know, I am a coffee fanatic – I adore flavour syrups and, let’s be honest here, you can use them in a whole heap of kitchen and bar creations, not just coffee. So, here is my sweet little recipe for Parma Violets Flavour Syrup!
Parma Violet Syrup Made PeachyGrab your supplies…
You’re going to need around 6 packs of Parma Violets
Two tablespoons of sugar

This makes one small jar of syrup, to increase the yield, always allow 6 packs of sweets per two tablespoons of sugar – I never said that this was a healthy recipe!
Parma Violet Syrup Made PeachyEmpty the packs of Parma Violets into a pestle and mortar and begin to grind up. You’re trying to make a light dusty powder – I guess this would work equally as well in a food processor, but that’s not nearly as much fun as bashing with a pestle!
Parma Violet Syrup Made PeachyContinue to grind up the sweets until they are the consistency of icing sugar.
Into a saucepan add two tablespoons of sugar and crushed Parma Violets, mix with one and a half tablespoons of water and heat to create a sugar syrup. Continue heating and stiring the syrup until all the sugar and sweets have been combined. The syrup will have a light opaque lilac colour, if you want to go all out with your syrup, add in a dash of purple food colouring for a super rich and vibrant hue!
Parma Violet Syrup Made PeachyAllow the flavour syrup to cool before carefully decanting into a small bottle or jar, you can always strain the syrup as you decant to get rid of any little shards of sweets that might not have fully mixed in.
This is a sweet, lightly floral, heavy syrup, a little goes a long way – it would make the perfect drizzle for cakes and bakes, a glaze for cookies and it’s not too shabby in a beverages either! I’ve by no means exhausted the possibilities for using this perfumed syrup, but, here a a few quick Parma Violets beverages that taste mighty fine!

The Parma Violets Hot Chocolate
Parma Violet Syrup Hot Chocolate Made PeachyMix in a teaspoon of your fave cocoa powder with a dash of hot milk, and stir into a thick paste. Add in a generous dash – around two teaspoonfuls – of Parma Violets Syrup and stir to mix together fully. To with steaming hot milk and enjoy!

The Parma Violets Latte
With Lavender Lattes quickly taking the coffee-loving land by storm, I thought I’d offer up my own floral and perfumed coffee creation!
Parma Violet Syrup Latte Made PeachyAs with all flavour syrups for coffee, add in a dash of Parma Violets Syrup to a shot hot espresso before topping with hot steamed milk. The rich taste of the coffee can overpower subtle flavours like Parma Violet, around 2-3 teaspoons of syrup should be prefect for a hint of floral sweetness!

The Parma Violets Vodka Splash
Yup! I went ahead and named this cocktail myself – because that’s just what it is, Parma Violets, Vodka and a splash!
Parma Violet Syrup Vodka Splash Made PeachyIf you’re going to do something, then you might as well go wild, right? Drizzle some Parma Violets Syrup around the rim of a martini glass, before rolling in lightly crushed Parma Violets. You see where this is going, don’t you?! Set aside to allow the crushed sweets to bond with the rim of the glass.
Parma Violet Syrup Vodka Splash Made PeachyInto a cocktail shaker add shot of vodka, a teaspoon of Parma Violets Syrup, ice and top with soda water and mix until the syrup is fully combined. If you aren’t partial to the strong flavour of the vodka, double the amount of Parma Violets Syrup…just remember, the sweeter the drink is the harder it is to notice the alcohol, so it’s much easier to over indulge – but, y’all know that, right?
Strain and serve – yum!

Parma Violet Syrup Made PeachyI’m certain that I’ll be having many more adventures with this delicious Parma Violets Syrup – I simply can’t get enough of it! So, let me know what you’d like to make with it!

In other Parma Violets related news, did you know if wash and condition your hair with Lush’s Daddy-O and follow up with American Cream your locks will not only look and feel amazing…but, and here’s the important part, you’ll actually smell of Parma Violets? Yup – you’re welcome!  (Yup! I know that Daddy-O is recommended for blonds, to get rid of any brassy tones, but it works just grand on redheads too!) Enjoy!

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    January 22, 2014

    what!! these are fabulous ideas, amazing! I’ll have to look for parma violet candies here in Canada. I bet this syrup is great in tea, too- and that cocktail looks phenomenal!

  2. Reply

    Kate Williams

    January 23, 2014

    Inspired!! Off to pin it now 🙂

  3. Reply


    November 2, 2016

    This looks amazing. I’m definitely going to make this. Can you clarify whether it’s the large or small packets of Palma Violets you are using? Thanks 🙂

    • Reply


      November 7, 2016

      Hi Fliss, This was made with the small packs of sweets – hope you like it!

  4. Reply


    November 10, 2016

    I tried this and the syrup cooled and was rock solid? I used the small packs of sweets, normal sugar and the advised amount of water. Any ideas where I went wrong ? Should I have cooked it more ?

    • Reply


      November 13, 2016

      Hi – I think that when it sets solid that is a sign that it has been reduced too much and that the syrup has been cooked too much, I think it might be that you need to reduce the cooking time here to make sure that it remains liquid – hope that helps!

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