Pinterest: What They Did With…Baubles

Pinterest: What They Did With…Baubles

Pinterest: What They Did With…Baubles

November 26, 2014 | Crafts | No Comments

How stunning are these hand painted Faberge inspired Christmas baubles, £16.95, Silver Owl Studio?!

Last week I shared some of the rad Advent Calendar DIYs I found on Pinterest and since then I can’t (wont!) stop pinning festive ideas! So, for the foreseeable future, prepare yourself for a barrage of all things Christmas! Here is a round up of some amazing DIY Christmas Bauble Projects from Pinterest!

Patchwork Baubles1 Patchwork Baubles  UsefulDIY

baumschmuck-3502  Paper Baubles  Brigitte

Fabric Baubles3 Fabric Scrap Baubles Jillian In Italy

sprinkle24 Sprinkle Filled Baubles  Little Gray Fox

Sheep Knit Baubles5 Sheep Knitted Baubles  Creative Country Life

Crochet Baubles6 Crochet Christmas Baubles  Meet Me At Mikes

When it comes to decorating our tree, we are the kind of folks where we love a little bit of everything. We are all about the mismatched decorations – how about you? Do you decorate with a set style and colour scheme in mind? Or, do you add decorations in wild abandon?

Christmas is just exploding on my Pinterest Boards right now so, see what other festive treats I’m pinning right now!

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