A kind of grown up pinwheel

A kind of grown up pinwheel

A kind of grown up pinwheel

August 23, 2013 | Crafts, Style | No Comments

Who doesn’t love a pinwheel? They are reminiscent of childhood days spend at the seaside and I for one can’t get enough of them!

If I had my way – and perhaps a few more hours in my day – then I would fill our enchanted little garden with heaps of colourful pinwheels.

Sadly, I don’t have the time to do that. But, what I do have time for is to make a quick and easy – not to mention super-sized pinwheel brooch, so who needs a garden packed with pinwheels when I can wear one everyday?

Fancy making your own? Then pop over to Flora Rose where I share how to make your own fun and quirky statement brooch.
PinwheelFinalAdding a pretty pin to cardigans and dresses as a surefire way to bring an outfit together. I have an almighty stash of beautiful pins, corsages and brooches – almost an unhealthy amount some might say. What’s more, I seem to be unable to browse the internet looking for more. Check out my latest finds over at my guest post on Flora Rose


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