Project Spring Clean

Project Spring Clean

Project Spring Clean

February 22, 2014 | Handmade Home | 5 Comments

I know, you’re probably going to want to throw a brick at my head when I tell you that I’m really excited to get stuck into some proper spring cleaning! No, I’m not going insane. And, no, I don’t get excited about the prospect of scrubbing out the oven. Actually, quite the opposite, like most regular folks. No, what I am excited about is the results – you know that feeling when all the clutter is gone, and with it all the stress you didn’t realise that you were under is just, well, lifted? That! That is what I’m excited about! an

Working from home and working as a designer, means I have the most incredible about of creative stuff. While on the surface that sounds pretty rad – and yes, it really is. But, without careful management this beast can quickly get out of control. This year I have been making it my mission – there has been daily re-shuffles to find the best working system and weekly de-clutters – and you know what, after just a couple of weeks this is really starting to pay off. Not only does the place look more like a home again rather than an office, studio and general fabric and yarn fest, it has also made it a whole lot easier to get down to work. So it’s no longer can’t see the fabric for the unfinished quilts, there is a system there and, man do I love a good system!

Now that the decks are all cleared, it’s time to get down to a proper spring clean. So for me, this weekend is all about dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming (yes – the old vacuum blew up last week and the new one has arrived – this is more exciting for me than it really should be!). Even though our home is pretty small, the prospect is rather daunting.

Method Spring Clean Made PeachyPowergreen Cleaning Range from £3 c/o Method

But, those super rad folks at Method sure know how to make life a little bit easier – I can’t get enough of there cleaning range. Yes is smells ace, yes it works like a charm and no it’s not packed with nasties – what could be better than that? The very best thing about these fresh smelling products, is that if your lining up a weekend of epic cleaning, you wont find yourself having to retreat away from stinking fumes – instead it fills the air with burst of yumminess!

I’m not sure how you plan on getting though this epic chore this year – but, to make it fun, and to stay on top of it, I have devised a little plan of action – Let’s call it the Spring Clean Weekend Power Plan (because, well, why not!) I work on a top-to-bottom approach – I guess the logic here is that you shouldn’t end up mopped into a corner, or flicking dust and grime back onto something you’ve just cleaned. I’m going with a room-by-room plan of attack, because that way, once you step out of a room and shut the door, you know it’s all done, done, done! No one want to spend an eternity doing cores, so I figured that arranging the tasks into two days work means that you can accomplish this in just one weekend – ok we all got different size homes, and some of these tasks are longer, think of it this way start and end with the blue blocks, the orange blocks are the most labour intensive areas, and the green are a little easier to deal with. So, it doesn’t really matter what order you work through the check list, but to keep it manageable for me, I worked on one orange task and two green tasks a day and the remaining orange task – the bedrooms, which are multiple rooms are split between the two days! Now, tell me that’s not a spring cleaning plan you can get behind!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a list kinda gal – yup, if it’s written on a list, complete with check boxes, then in my world it gets done. So, to make life a little bit easier (and who doesn’t love that!) here the Spring Clean Weekend Power Plan as a free printable! You’re welcome!
saturdaySundaySo, friends, who’s with me? Who’s up for beating the Spring Clean this weekend?

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    February 22, 2014

    I rather enjoy spring cleaning an did some this week too, including the oven!!

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    February 23, 2014

    Great spring cleaning checklist!

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