Quick Catch Up: Hello November

Quick Catch Up: Hello November

Quick Catch Up: Hello November

November 5, 2014 | Reads | 1 Comment

Apparently it’s November. Has been for a few days now and I’m only just catching on to that fact!

Yes, it has been one of those weeks (or rather months!) but what exactly have I been doing with myself? Good question, it mostly feels as though I’m chasing my tail in the world most epic version of playing catch up. But, you know what? I think I might (finally) be getting back on the right track…well, fingers crossed!

Last week I was over enjoy ing the incredible hospitality [read: Guinness] of Dublin for the  The Knitting & Stitching Show at the RDS, Dublin.

This was a wonderful, wonderful show. Not only do I love the city and the people – who are some of the friendliest, most enthusiastic folks you’ll meet, but it is also so much fun to make new friends and catch up with dear friends.
Main Louise KellyOne of the highlight for me was getting to catch up with the wonderful Lou – our paths only really cross while we are at the shows, so we don’t get to spend as much time together as I’d like, but it is so good for the soul to catch up with someone that is a a real darling, immensely talented and shares my ridiculous passion for puppy owning!
WrenLouLovesThisFind out more about her darling dolls and see how to go about ordering your own custom creation!

In other monthly round up news…I have mostly been working on a huge deadline (now finished), and preparing for the next huge deadline (now underway for the end of this month!), getting a new boiler installed – I’ll forgive you for thinking that this is a far from glamorous endeavour, but as a gal that has had her sights firmly set on fully operational heating through the winter months for the last four years in the little Victorian house, this is a big deal!

There are still one more event for me before this year is out…here’s my remaining 2014 Diary Dates…

20 – 23 November The Knitting & Stitching Show HIC, Harrogate

Stuff has been happening over here on Made Peachy too! You may (hopefully!) have noticed that things are a little more shiny, a little more polished and a little more speedy! Well, friends, lots of time and energy has been ploughed in to the site this month – mostly in the sorely neglected Back Of House area – but hopefully, you’ll have seen and will be seeing more improvements  – If y’all have any thought, comments or feedback on this little creative place, I;d love to hear them (positive and negative alike, although, please remember I’m a human with all the feelings!)

So, heres a round up of some of the things that have been my favourites here at Peachy HQ this month!

photo 3Crafts: Polaroid Camera Plushie

Style Sunday Customised CardiganStyle: Custom Cardigan
Casting-off-step1Skills: Casting On & Casting Off Knitting
Kale CrispsEats: Kale Crisps

My other loves on the internet right now are…

My Browser Besties:
Discover Kale

My Fabrics


My Blog Crushes:
Knitted Bliss
Katie Gets Crafty

Reading has fallen slightly along the wayside, which is a surefire sign that there was not enough leisure time for me in October (this is gonna change in November, FACT!) So, here are a few new titles to add to my Reading Challenge in My Months Reads:

Alaska39: Looking for Alaska – John Green
I love John Green! After reading The Fault In Our Stars I went ahead and bought up as many of his other titles as I could find. But…I was hit really hard by FIOS that I decided it was a really hard act to follow and would read the other later. I’m glad I did. The story is fascinating, first love, lost love and tragedy – I adored the references to final words through out the book which gave it a more character, although a little bit of a hint as to the events that would take place. Not a patch on FIOS (but that might be just my preference) great read, perhaps a little too teen lit for me!

Robin40: Robin Williams: Biography – Brian Morris
I hate to hate a book, I really do, but here’s where ebook purchases can go sadly wrong.
As a fan of Robin Williams I wanted to find out a little more about the man – his youth, growing up, family, career and everything that comes together to make the much loved star. Sadly this read little more than a magazine obituary column -a brief synopsis of his family, marriages and a filmography. I perhaps should have realised that the book was only 30 pages long – there was no way this would give any justice to such a phenomenal character.

misisipi41: Misisipi– Michael Reilly
Intriguing mystery with just a hint of love, but not the soppy romance kind. The story is a bit laboriously full of details in places, making it seem a little convoluted. There are lots of elements that tangle together, sometimes confusing trying keeping up with multiple timelines. Interesting read, if a little taxing at times.

If you’re looking for ideas for boos to add to your Must Read List be sure to check out my January ReadsFebruary ReadsMarch ReadsApril ReadsMay ReadsJune Reads, July ReadsAugust Reads , September Reads If you’re on GoodReads sure to swing over and say Hi!

While I’m still going to be traveling about quite a bit this month, I have many plans for November…dare I say it, I’m already thinking about Christmas and Festive Makes! What does November have in store for you? Are you already looking forward to Christmas?

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    November 5, 2014

    you are so productive, it’s amazing! Love those kale crisps, and thanks for the book reviews. I secretly love NOvember, even though it’s a dark and relatively unloved sor tof month- here’s to getting lots done!

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