Quick Catch Up: Hello December

Quick Catch Up: Hello December

Quick Catch Up: Hello December

December 2, 2013 | Reads | 2 Comments

‘Tis the season. It actually is! I don’t think I made any secret of the fact that Christmas is a time of insane excitement in our home.

November has been a a whirlwind of dashing about all over the place – literally, all over the place. I started out in Dublin and ended in Harrogate. Not only did I get the chance to meet some amazing creative folks, but (probably more that I will ever need) yarns, fabrics and crafty supplies. My adventures in November have not just been ‘in real life’ travels, I’ve been pretty busy on the internet too. Through out November I’ve Guest Pinner for Homemade With Love Magazine. If ever I needed a legitimate reason to loose hours on Pinterest, then that was it. So, if you’re starting to turn your thoughts to hosting a Fabulous Festive Party this winter, be sure to check out my collections of pins on the dedicated board!

Now, that December is finally here, it is time to immerse ourselves in the spirit of the season. Having proclaimed that I adore all things Christmas you’ll no doubt be thinking that I have it all wrapped up (pardon the pun) already. Well, my friends, I’m never one to leave things to the very last minute, but I have to confess that I’m usually a lot more ahead with the preparations than I seem to be this year.

But, now that the life on the open road is behind me, and I’m settling back in to our little family life [read: unpacking and catching up with laundry!] I can’t wait to get stuck in to lots of festive makes and planning – so, fellow Christmas Cheermisters, watch this space, Christmas is coming!

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For all you busy folks, here is quick round up of all the exciting things that have been happening on the internet this last month:

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In Other News:
This weekend Made Peachy turned a whopping six months! I have been having such a blast working on the ideas to share each and every day, have already met some wonderful people and am over the moon to have been gathering readers from around the globe *waves*
So, Happy Half Birthday Made Peachy!!
Whilst the last couple of weeks have been really busy in the real world, things have been getting pretty busy over here on Made Peachy too! I’m delighted that so many of you have stopped in past – so, if you’re a new reader be sure to leave a comment, I’d be delighted to meet you.
One thing I’ve quickly realised, is that the busier you are the more exciting ideas, projects and challenges seem to pop up on the horizon. And, never has this been more true than right now. So, for the coming weeks – when I’m not adding tinsel to everything that stands still long enough [Waffle, you have been warned!] I’ll have my head down working on a few really exciting projects! Don’t fret, there will still be the daily dose of creative inspiration, tutorials, projects to make, skills to learn, recipes to make and all they crafty fun over here on Made Peachy, but I’ll also be working on some exciting projects ready to reveal them in the New Year!

Here’s to a wonderful December!

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    December 2, 2013

    Happy 6 month blog-o-versary! I am totally loving your guest pinner board, it’s so fun and festive!

    • Reply


      December 2, 2013

      Thank you Julie! I can’t believe how fast the last six months have gone! Time flies when you’re having fun, right?!

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