Quick Catch Up: Hello March

Quick Catch Up: Hello March

Quick Catch Up: Hello March

March 1, 2014 | Events, Reads | 4 Comments

February, you have been a wild and crazy ride! You have been a lightening bolt, a whirlwind, a blink-and-you’ll miss it kind of month.

So, much has been happening here – for a start you’d have to be living under a rock to have not noticed me mention that my DIY Wedding Book hit the book stores this month! And – STOP PRESS – at the time of writing this, it is in the TOP 50 Wedding Books on Amazon UK! It is such a strange feeling to be finally holding my book in my little mitts, I mean it feels like a whole lifetime ago that our dining room was converted into a photography studio and I was surrounded by cookies, flowers and veiling frantically working away to get all the projects worked up and shot. But, you know what – totally worth all the graft, every late night, coffee fueled minute of it! I’ve loved reminiscing about our wedding day, hearing other people’s wedding stories – what can I say, I’m a sucker for real life, big time, old fashioned love! If you’ve not had the chance to check out my mini series on 5K Weddings  – be sure to these amazing weddings in the US Edition & the Canadian Edition to get a little inspiration on how to have a fabulous wedding without breaking the bank…I’ve also shared my very honest wedding breakdown too!

March is the start of getting back on the road and getting busy with some awesome craft and stitching shows around the country – I’m hoping that all this traveling about will help me to master the art of packing light. Seriously, if anyone has any tips that would be mega – I seem to take more with me for four days away at work than I did for two whole years globe trotting, what’s with that?

2014 Diary Dates
20 – 23 March
Sewing For Pleasure NEC Birmingham

3 – 5 April
Creative Stitches / Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Excel, London

7 – 10 August
The Festival of Quilts NEC Birmingham

9 -12 October
The Knitting & Stitching Show Alexandra Palace, London

30 October – 2 November
The Knitting & Stitching Show RDS, Dublin

20 -23 November
The Knitting & Stitching Show HIC, Harrogate

One of the things that I’m looking forward to most this month is hosting a series of Mini Workshops at the Vilene Sewing Club at Sewing For Pleasure this year – all the projects have been finalised, the sewing machines have been booked and I’ll be packing out some pretty rad goodie bags over the next few days! I can’t wait to let you in on all the details of the projects…hopefully I can spill the beans this week! Did I say…I can’t wait?!

Back to a little closer to home, here is a round up of these things that have been happening here at PeachyHQ…

On Made Peachy:

Crafts: Crochet Heart Garland

Style: DIY Dotty Mani

Skills: Fancy Ideas for Simple Seams

Eats: Doggie Cupcakes & Cake Pops


My Browser Besties:

1: Mallory Makes

2: Craft Candy

3: Good Reads

4: Vlog Brothers


My Blog Crushes:

1: Polka Dot Cottage

2: Violet’s Buds

3: LadyfaceBlog

4: Semi Sweet

Don’t miss out! Did you enter the giveaway from DotComGiftShop yet? There is still time to enter to win a set of lush mason jars which, trust me on this, are going to look super in your home!

One thing I have managed to do a whole lot of this month is reading – I’ve been burning though books like they are going out of style – which they aren’t, but you get what I mean. I challenged myself to read 24 books this year, so here are the next batch of reads that I’ve worked through – following on from books 1-4 I read in January

My Months Reads:
 Alone Robert J Crane Made Peachy5 Alone (The Girl in a Box)  – Robert J Crane
I’m not entirely sure that this book was ‘one for me’. The YA fiction centres around a girl who has lived in captivity and finally enters the real world (no spoilers) to embark on a action packed adventure to find answers. Whilst packed with brilliant concepts and a steady rolling plot, something was a little lacking.
War of The Worlds HGWells Made Peachy6 War of the Worlds – H.G.Wells
A real page turner of a classic! Wells creates outstanding imagery and in many cases shares quite horrific depiction of a hostile alien invasion.This book certainly stands the test of time – even though the language can seem quite stuffy and formal in places.
The Fault In Our Stars John Green Made Peachy7 The Fault in Our Stars John Green
I knew that I would love this book – I just had no idea how truly and deeply I would fall in love with this. What can I say about this book that has not already been said? It’s a must-read, I found myself laughing, crying and saying “I can’t put you down, but I don’t want you to ever end!”
The Waterproof Bible Andrew Kaufman Made Peachy8 The Waterproof Bible Andrew Kaufman
This book has been described as quirky, and on that front I’d have to agree. A weird and unusual book that leaves you in no doubt that it’s a weird and unusual book.
The Trouble With Alice Olivia Glazebrook Made Peachy9 The Trouble With Alice – Olivia Glazebrook
A story of a relationship break up following a tragic accident.  Reading out of my usual genre with this book, so perhaps this is not really a book for me. Touching of some dramatic issues, I wanted so much more, but was just left with a feeble break up.

You can check out my full reviews over on my Goodreads account!

How’s February been for you?

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    March 1, 2014

    I can’t believe you already have some spring flowers, wow! I can’t believe March is already here, either. You accomplished a lot in February, and certainly read a good number of books! I only manage about 3 a month, max. Although when I was on maternity leave, I was able to read a lot more!

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