Quick Catch Up: Hello September

Quick Catch Up: Hello September

Quick Catch Up: Hello September

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Hello September!

Holy guacamole! I guess it would be super lame to say, How did it get to be September already? But, seriously! It really does only feel like five minutes ago that I was saying How did it get to be August! Bah. Time files when you’re having fun, that’s what they say, right? The last four weeks have been a whole heap of fun!

September is one of my favourite months. I just love it. It’s got that whole Back To School vibe down perfectly, making me want to get organised, buy smart new shoes and try to keep my handwriting neat while I write down all the new challenges and plans in a brand spanking new notebook.

I wasn’t kidding about the shoes. The brogue story is one that I’m just not getting tired of, and I think I may have lost a little bit of my heart to these these Rosie flats, £65 RedorDead

I’ve spent a lot of time last month hanging out with my sewing machine and quilting, quilting, quilting. Even better than that? I got to hang out with some of the coolest craft folks around at this year’s Festival of Quilts. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work – work of all kinds: some designing, some making, some manuscript proofreading (not my manuscript, I might add) and a whole lot of writing. Lucky for me, these are all my favourite ways to be spending my working hours!

If there truly is ‘no rest for the wicked, then I guess that I’ve been super wicked. My schedule has been fit to bursting, so much so, I had to swing into my favourite high street stationery store, Paperchase and grab me a super-size (well, A5!) organiser for all the new exciting things that have been happening.

Where August seemed to be bursting at the seams (sorry) with stitching, September is looking as though it is one of months with a whole mix of different things. Even better, I’m going to be Out & About a whole heap more starting this month! woop!

If you’re heading to the Creative Stitches & Hobbycraft Show, Event City, Manchester 12 – 14 Sept -be sure to swing in past the UKHKA Knitting stand  on number ZB23 (you can’t miss it – its right alongside the life-sized knitted garden!) where me & a team of awesome knitters will be on hand to get you started, or if you’re already a knit-pro, bring along your latest project, come sit with us, work a few rows and have a little chatter!
So come along and say Hi!

On Made Peachy:

Crafts: Spray Paint Makeover

Style:  DIY Colour Pop Buttons

Skills: How to Crochet a Granny Square

Eats: Peach Ice Tea


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In Other News:
In this month we will be celebrating out first wedding anniversary – if there was any more proof needed that time truly does fly – so, you can expect a super soppy blog post – perhaps with some tips on creating a DIY wedding that cost under a quarter of the national average – in the coming weeks!

And, while we’re on the subject of weddings… I’m looking forward to seeing the first page proofs of my DIY Wedding Book – fingers crossed they arrive this month! Staying with the topic of books – I’m mighty chuffed that my book, The Sewing Manual is still in the Top 100 Books in the sector over on Amazon – thanks so much you guys for buying my little book, I’m hoping that you’re stitching your little hearts out making awesome and beautiful things!






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