Quick Custom House Keys

Quick Custom House Keys

Quick Custom House Keys

May 27, 2014 | Crafts, DIY | 2 Comments

It is a universal truth that if something sits still for even just a second too long in this house, it runs the risk of getting customised.

The long weekend was packed with plans, projects, home DIY and lots and lots of getting busy making home – my very best pastime! There are lots of tasks in house renovation that just take ages – there is no avoiding this, some projects no matter how you attack them need stripping, sanding, preparing, measuring, priming, building, painting and finishing. Yes, it’s rewarding work, but it is long – and often sloooow work. And, when I’m surrounded by projects that I’m in for the long haul I like to crack out a super-quick make, something that can be finished in mere minutes…because, let’s face it – is there really any feeling better than when you complete a project?

With all these home focused tasks, I decided I wanted to create some Quick Custom House Keys!
Custom Keys 1Grab your supplies…
News Flash
 Nail polish is not only for nails! Grab your fave colours to add a colour pop to your house keys!
Custom Keys 2A quick swipe of colour across the top of your key will transform a boring house key in seconds -easy right?! I’m pretty sure that you can use any nail polish to cover you key…since using Fuse Gelnamel I’ve found my self a little bit spoilt by the speedy and flawless finish! Fuse is part way between a gel and a standard polish  – which, in layman’s terms means that it is cured to a rock solid, chip free finish under the special lamp for a few seconds, but like a polish only one stage is needed..paint, cure with the lamp and you’re done! Even better, this polish has a self-levelling finish – yup, bonkers I know, but this means that once the Gelnamel is painted on, leave it for a couple of seconds and, boom, the surface levels out for a neat and even finish!
Custom Keys 3One colour not enough? Nope, not for me either! Add dots, hearts, stripes or flowers with a second – or, if your feeling wild, a third – colour!
Custom Keys 4bBecause I simply can’t help myself – I’ve worked up a second key with the colours reversed, I guess I’m just that kind of gal! What colour combo will you use?

♥ – ♥ – ♥

Funfetti Mani1

These house keys were customised using the Fuse Gelmanel Starter Kit, £35 & solo colours in Elec-tric or Treat & Intens -so-fly, £15 each c/o Sensationail

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    June 4, 2014

    I lvoe these! the polka dots totally make them awesome, a great idea!

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