Quick & Cute Fabric Bow Ties

Quick & Cute Fabric Bow Ties

Quick & Cute Fabric Bow Ties

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Happy 15th September!

hwm-01%e2%88%92006e-kmToday is our fourth wedding anniversary, I can’t even tell you how fast those years have flown by! Like most brides will tell you, our wedding day was the best day ever.
Our wedding was small budget day, but jam packed with our very favourite people and full of lots of lovely handmade bits and bobs. Still, four years on, thinking of teaselled moments from that day will have my heart skipping a beat and give me one of those face-achingly big grins. One of those memories is seeing three of my beloved nephews, dressed in their smart get-ups wearing colourful bow ties I made for them.


Before we begin, we need to talk about how off-the-charts cute my three nephews are, am I right?!

Ok, so these wee guys have grown up so much since this photograph was taken and the incredible little guys that they have become makes my heart pop with pride, but I love looking at this photo and remembering how itty bitty they were!

These little bow ties are so quick and easy to make, using remnants of striking prints, the simple elastic band makes them easy and comfortable for children to wear. They make the perfect additional for weddings, parties, fancy dress, World Book Day…or, any other occasion where the Little just wanna look super dapper! Here’s how to make your own DIY Fabric Bow Tie

bow-tie-inset-credit-www-kerriemitchell-co-ukGrab your supplies…
Fabric remnants in two contrasting prints
Light-weight fusible interfacing
5mm wide elastic, 35cm

Cut the fabrics
From one of the print cotton cut a piece of fabric 15cm by 30cm. Cut a piece of fusible interfacing to 15cm by 30cm. From the remaining print cotton cut a piece of fabric 7cm x 10cm.

Fuse and stitch the fabrics
Following the manufactures instructions fuse the interfacing onto the wrong side of the larger piece of print cotton. Fold the large piece of cotton with right sides facing and join the two long edges with a straight machine stitch taking a 1cm seam allowance. Repeat to stitch the smaller strip in the same manner.

Stitch the strips into loops
Turn the fabric strip through to the right side and press the seam centrally along the back of the strip. Fold the strip in half with the centred seam outermost and align the two raw edges and stitch with a straight machine stitch taking a 1cm seam allowance to create a loop. Repeat with the smaller strip.

Turn though and press
Working on each stitched loop in turn. Trim the seam allowance neatly along the join in the loop and press open. Turn the loop through so that the centred seam and the join are innermost, position the join in the centre and neatly press in half.

Construct the bow tie
Starting at one folded side, make a concertina fold in the larger piece, and feed it though the smaller loop so that the smaller section sits in the centre of the bow tie. Arrange the folds to neaten the bow tie before feeding the length of elastic through the smaller loop at the back. Overlap the elastic by 2cm and hand stitch securely to join. Add a couple of hand stitches through the two sections of the bow tie to secure.

Let’s just look at my nephews one more time…because…OH…MY…HEART!!!

bow-tie-group-credit-www-kerriemitchell-co-ukThese bow ties were just one of the handmade elements that we included in our wedding day!

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about our low budget, DIY, handmade wedding – you can read about it here & here!

hwm-08-011-kmAnd, because it is our anniversary, indulge me while I get super soppy and wish my rad husband, a super happy anniversary!


 ♥ – ♥ – ♥


Photography: Kerrie Mitchell

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