Quick Look Quilt Block Directory

Quick Look Quilt Block Directory

Quick Look Quilt Block Directory

July 24, 2014 | Skills | No Comments

Morning Quilters!

I was lucky enough to spend all day yesterday in the company of some very, very rad quilting folks – but, that’s a story for another time! There is no denying the fact that spending some time in the company of enthusiastic creative people is a sure fire way to get that must-make-something-now part of your brain working in over drive!

Festival of Quilts is right around the corner, so there will be plenty of quilting for me in the not too distant future as I work up some more lush samples to share with you all on the Vilene Stand…but, for the rest of this week I’m back on the yarn wagon – and I wont be coming up for air until it’s all finished.

So, while I’m dreaming about all the awesome quilting projects that I can’t wait to get cutting and piecing, I thought I would share a small and sweet Quilt Block Directory that I created for the folks over at Sewing World to run alongside the Patchwork & Quilting Special that’s on sale now!
Block Directory 1In this directory I’ve shared nine of my fave quilt blocks – with a finished block, piecing diagram and also examples of the finished quilt top too!

Whether you are new to quilting or are looking for a quick hit of inspiration, this mini block directory will give you a little kick start!

As I can’t work on any quilt projects till all my deadline work is done, I’m going to have to live vicariously though y’all – so, tell me…what quilting projects are you working on?

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