Quick-Make Gift Pop

Quick-Make Gift Pop

Quick-Make Gift Pop

September 24, 2013 | Crafts | No Comments

Sometimes you want to give a little gift to say thank you, and something handmade is just a little bit sweeter – especially when it includes a super sized lollipop!

If you’re making multiple gifts – for party bags or for wedding favours – the quicker and easier they are to make the better. These lollipops only need a few supplies from your craft stash to be transformed from confectionery to a sweet and thoughtful gift. The best part – you can customise the message to suit your occasion – add in your names and date for wedding favours, change the message to Get Well Soon and add into a beautiful bouquet or add a New Home sentiment and push the stick into the soil of a pot plant for the perfect housewarming gift. So, simple and so many sweet ways to share a little heart felt message with a Quick-Make Gift Pop!

pop1Grab Your Supplies
Large supersized lollipops can be fond in specialist confectionery stores, at the fairground or amusement arcade or from online sweet shops – you can usually select the colours – or flavours – you want too. A length of  organza ribbon in a coordinating colour, a small luggage card, a rubber stamp with your sentiment and ink pad in chosen colour.
pop2Add a highlight border to the luggage tag by dragging the edges of the tag across the surface of the the ink pad – this will give the simple tag a more coordinated and polished finish. Allow to fully dry before stamping your sentiment onto the front and adding your own personal message to the back of the luggage card.

If you’re making multiple gifts, try setting up a production line, highlight the edges of all the luggage tags and set them to dry. By the time to have highlighted the last tag the first one will be ready to stamp, saving you time and preventing you from smudging the inks while they dry!
pop3Find the centre of the length of organza ribbon and place the lollipop stick on top of the ribbon. Brig the ends over and cross in front of the stick, pulling the ends will tighten the ribbon securely to the stick. Feed the rubber stamped luggage card onto one end of the ribbon and recross the ribbon ends to complete the knot and hold the tag securely into place on the stick.
pop4Wrap the ribbon around the stick of the lollipop, by crossing over the front of the stick before passing to the back and crossing over the back. Continue criss-crossing the ribbon over the stick, leaving a small section of the stick unwrapped before changing direction and working back up the stick crossing the ribbon. Finish with the ribbon at the back of the stick behind the luggage tag, bring the ends of ribbon to the front and create a large looping bow to sit over the front of the ribbon. Trim the ribbon ends into neat angles to prevent fraying ready to present!


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