Quick-Make Puppy Bed

Quick-Make Puppy Bed

Quick-Make Puppy Bed

July 12, 2014 | Crafts | 2 Comments

If you were to say that our little pup Waffle is spoilt rotten I would ferociously deny it. Then I would take a moment and realise that, yes, this is almost definitely the case. Well, I’m a firm believer that the whole reason having a pup (or any pet for that matter) is to love it and cherish it with all your heart. It’s all about making life fun for them, taking care of them and enjoying the unique brand of crazy that they bring into your life.

It will probably come as no surprise that I am always thinking of little treats to make for little Waffle – remember on his birthday I baked him up a monster batch of Pup-Safe Cupcakes & Cakepops! Well, as we seem to be out of the other side of the ‘chew-up-your-dog-bed-in-5-minutes-flat’ phase (or here’s hoping!) I figured that it was high time that I made him has very own custom pup bed.

I wanted to make a simple bed that would be easy to bring along when we travel places, I wanted to make sure that it would be washable too – because, let’s face it puppies can attract a lot of stink.
Pup Bed  11So, this over-sized cushion bed features a small zip opening, so that the cushion pad can be removed for easy washing! This step-by-step guide will show you how to make your own Quick-Make Puppy Bed!

Pup Bed 1Grab your supplies…
Cushion pad  – these come in so many different shapes and sizes. I opted for two separate pads, a firm one for the bottom and a puffy fluffy one for the upper section (yup, he’s a spoilt pup!)
Heavy-weight cotton – I’ve had this Amy Butler Forest Imperial Fans fabric in my stash for the longest time!
Zip – I use a really small zip for my fastening as I wanted to make sure that there was less ‘stuff’ that might look good to chew! Smaller zips mean that inserting the cushion pad is a bit tricky, I used cushion pads that could roll up easily to slide into the opening – you can always use a larger zip to make stuffing the bed easier or if you have faith in your puppy’s ability to resist chewing on things!
Pup Bed 2Begin by trimming the fabrics to 2.5cm larger than the cushion pads (if, like me, you’re layering two pads, you may need to cut the fabrics to 3cm larger than the cushion pads to allow for the bulk).
Pup Bed 3Trim two offcuts into 3cm x 6cm strips. Fold the strips in half and press, the fold the raw edges in to the fold and press again to make two zip end tabs. Place a zip end tab over each end of the tip and pin in place. With a zip foot and a straight machine stitch, work a line of stitching across each of the zip end tabs in turn to secure to the zip.
Pup Bed 4Work on one fabric panel at a time, place the zip face down to the centre of one side – the zip teeth will be facing the right side of the fabric . Align the raw edge of the fabric and the edge of the zip and pin in place. Stitch to secure using the zip foot to get the stitches close to the teeth of the zip. You will need to stop half way and raise the presser foot to move the zip tab out of the stitching line to get a really neat street seam. Turn to the right side and press the fabric and the seam allowance down away from the zip.
Pup Bed 5Repeat to secure the zip onto the corresponding section on the second piece of the fabric in the same way and press the fabric and seam allowance down away from the zip. Once the zip is in place, open it fully before aligning to the two fabric parts with right sides together and pin in place. [Pssst! This whole ‘opening the zip’ thing is probably the most important part of making this dog bed. Leave the zip shut and once the remaining seams are stitched you’ll have a really tricky (sometimes impossible!) job of undoing it from wrong side to turn the project through to the right side!]
Pup Bed 6With a standard sewing foot, stitch the two pieces together with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Trim away any excess seam allowance and clip the seam allowance at corners to make them neat when turned though.
Pup Bed  7Turn through to the right side, through the open zip fastening – see, this is why it needs tone left open! be sure to push out each of the corners fully, and press to neaten before inserting the cushion pad (or pads) and fasten the zip!
Pup Bed  8Tah Dah! Puppy Bed in no time!
Pup Bed 9I think it is safe to say that this little beastie really likes his new comfy bed – I hope your special hound does too!

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    July 12, 2014

    Nice! Definitely a pampered pooch! I think my cat would probably like one of these too; we had to chuck out his stinky old bed :-/ Another thing to add to my to-sew list 🙂

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