Quilted Baby Layette

Quilted Baby Layette

Quilted Baby Layette

August 8, 2013 | Crafts | 1 Comment

Today marks the start of the Festival of Quilts over at the NEC -be sure to come over to Stand D5 and say hello if you’re heading to the event

Worked up in striking print fabrics this beginner-friendly design is ideal gift for a new baby. This quilt is created by piecing together squares of medium weight cottons, combined with Vilene cotton batting, this quilt is naturally soft and yet hard-wearing – ideal for a baby’s first playmat.

Grab your supplies…
3 fat quarters
Vilene cotton
batting, 40in x 40in
Backing fabric, 40in x 40in
Rotary cutter, ruler & mat
Quilting pins
Bias tape,130in x 2.5in wide
Quilting pencil
Quilting thread
Sewing machine
Sewing needle

Echino stackFinished baby layette measurements: 31 inches square
Work with a 1/4in seam allowance throughout.
Echino1Using the mat and rotary cutter, cut 64 x 4.5in squares from the fat quarters. Arrange the squares into an eight by eight design until you are happy with the placement.
Sew one square to the square next to it with a 1/4in seam allowance. Press the seams to one side. Repeat to join the remaining squares into pairs.
Echino4BPlace two pairs of joined squares together to create a larger square, aligning the seams of each pair as shown and join using a straight machine stitch. Press the seams to the side. Repeat to join the remaining pairs into 16 blocks.
Echino5BWorking along the length of the quilt, align a block with the one below and sew together using a straight machine stitch. Repeat to create four strips of blocks. Press the seams to the side.
Echino6Working with each strip in turn, align the seams and join one strip of blocks to the one next to it with a 1/4in seam allowance until the quilt top is complete. Press the seams to the side.
Echino7BOn a large flat surface, place the backing fabric wrong side up, layer the Vilene cotton batting and the completed quilt with right side up on top, allowing a couple of inches of batting and backing fabrics bordering on all sides. Working from the centre outwards, smooth the three layers and pin in place.
Echino8Using the quilting pencil and ruler, mark out your desired guide lines for quilting the layette.
Echino9BWorking from the centre line of the quilt out towards the edge, smoothing the fabrics as you work, stitch along the marked guides with a straight machine stitch.

Echino10BUsing the rotary cutter and ruler, trim the excess fabrics so the layette measures 31in square. On the wrong side of the quilt, open out the bias tape and pin in place aligning the raw edges.

Echino15BWith a straight machine stitch, secure in place with stitches just inside the pre-folded crease, work mitres at each corner for a neat finish. [Check out this handy guide for creating mitres in binding on quilts] Press the bias tape over to the right side of the quilt and pin. Secure in place, concealing the raw edges of the layers of quilt, using neat hand slip stitches. Launder and press the quilt to finish.

Echino Folded


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Echino Fabrics are available from The Eternal Maker

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