Creative Reading: Reclaimed Textiles by Kim Thittichai

Creative Reading: Reclaimed Textiles by Kim Thittichai

Creative Reading: Reclaimed Textiles by Kim Thittichai

February 18, 2014 | Reads | 2 Comments

For the last few days I have had the utter joy of working with the incredibly talented and inspiring textile artist and tutor, Kim Thittichai – who I am beyond stoked to be able to call my friend.

One of the many exciting jobs that I have been working on is in the role of Creative Consultant for Vilene – aside from lots of time spent making and creating using the Vilene products, this also involves touring around the country demonstrating a whole host of different projects and application for these essential products. Now, that is all pretty rad, but one of my very favourite things about this gig is getting to spend time with the wonderful Kim Thittichai!

Reclaimed Textiles Kim Thittichai Made PeachyReclaimed Textiles by Kim Thittichai, £19.99 Batsford

So, I wanted to share with you the long awaited release of her latest book! As one of our leading textile artists and tutors, Kim tours around the country – in fact, the globe, sharing her wisdom, imparting the skills and processes for a wide range of techniques and, most importantly, inspiring a whole heap of people.

In this, her fourth book, Kim not only demonstrates techniques and processes for creating wonderful textiles for reclaimed materials, but also presents a visual showcase of the works created by some of the very finests textile artists around.

Jam-packed with vibrant illustrations throughout, this book works through the various processes and methods for reclaiming, recycling and reusing, papers, thread, fibres, plastics and all manner of mixed media, then combining the with stitches, heating them with specialist tools and transforming them into something entirely new and exciting.

For those that are looking for a little guidance, or are perhaps branching out in to this glorious world of textile art then the series of step-by-step projects will help to get you started off in style. Kim’s book will take you on a creative journey through collage, patchwork, piecing and traditional stitching techniques, and then add in to the mix a range of innovative art techniques that allow the reader to go forth and create the kind of textile art that they want to make. If you’re an aspiring textile artist, this book is most certainly one to add to your bookcase!
Books Kim Thittichai Made PeachyCheck out Kim’s other books over on the publisher’s website.
Kim Thittichai Made PeachyYou can find our more about Kim over on her website, or keep up-to-date with her latest works, teachings and events over on her blog, and, if you’re looking to stock up on some supplies for an adventure in textile art, be sure to check out her mail order service Nid-Noi!

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    February 18, 2014

    oh wow, that i so very cool! I love it when people turn something that others throw away into incredible art like this.

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