Sew-It-Yourself Satchel

Sew-It-Yourself Satchel

Sew-It-Yourself Satchel

October 24, 2013 | Crafts, Tried & Tested | 3 Comments

I had always thought that stitching a leather bag would be a pretty challenging task. Well, was I ever wrong!

The lovely folks over at Simply Way have the perfect solution for those of us that fancy trying out hand at leather work, but don’t know where to start! With a range of ready-to-sew kits there is literally something for everyone, as you know I have a bit of a love affair with satchel style bags, so thought that the classic shaping and roomy style of the Monet kit, £36, would be just right for me!

 SimpleWay Satchel Kit Made Peachy

 Ready-to-stitch kits are a great way at trying out a new technique without the added worry of things going really wrong…and putting you off the craft that took your fancy! This bag pack contains all that you need to get started and make your own leather bag. Including pre-cut and (most importantly!) pre-punched pieces of fine leather, that will carefully slot together to make the finished piece, along with a long, strong leather needle, waxed thread and full instructions!

SimpleWay Satchel Kit Made Peachy)So, is it tricky to sew a leather bag? Not with this kit it isn’t! The clear, illustrated instructions guide you through the process of assembling and stitching the different components together – it even tells you how much waxed thread you’ll need for each section, to that you get the perfect finish without any extra fussing about!
SimpleWay Satchel Kit Made PeachyDo you need to know any fancy stitching techniques to be able to make a leather bag? Can you tread a needle? Can sew running stitch? Bingo! You can make leather satchel without any stress at all! In the space of a couple of hours of leisurely stitching I had a fully functioning – utterly divine – leather satchel – what’s not to love about that? You can select you choice from a range of colours of fine leather for your kit, so the bag will be as unique as you are – I adore this vintage distressed style chocolate coloured leather!

Now, the best thing about this particular bag kit from SimpleWay is that it has a very simple, plain leather flap at the front, like a blank canvas. You can see where I’m going with this can’t you! This is the perfect spot for adding your own unique embellishments. Which is exactly what I intend to do now – so while I’m off sketching ideas and gathering supplies for embellishing this lovely leather bag, tell me, what would you add to the front of yours?


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    October 24, 2013

    this is brilliant! what a find, I hope to get one of these soon – maybe have to wait until after christmas though!

    L x

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    October 23, 2014

    Love the bag but also love you label tag. Could you let me know where you get yours from and what size it is?

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      October 24, 2014

      Hi Kim, Thanks so much – I have to admit I’m rather smitten with these labels too! They are approx 2x5cm by 4.5cm – folded with the design repeated on each side. I ordered them from GB Name Tapes – they are able to create them from your own artwork, which is pretty neat and have really great customer service and speedy turn around too!

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