Sharing the Love: Shout Outs!

Sharing the Love: Shout Outs!

Sharing the Love: Shout Outs!

March 12, 2014 | Reads | 1 Comment

Happy Wednesday Friends!

The last few weeks I have been overwhelmed by the support and response to my new book – and, as people have been so kind to me, I thought that I would give a couple of Share the Love Shout Outs!

These here are some of the most wonderful folks, so why not take some time to go check them out!

Hello Wonderful Made PeachyThe amazing Ella who blogs over at Hello Wonderful – now this is a lifestyle blog that you need to be adding to you blog reader – has fast become one of my favourite folks on the old internet. Seriously, this is one smart, savvy, funny and endlessly kind lady! When I started this little place last summer, Ella was super supportive and enthusiastic from the very get-go, not only did she share a bucket load of wisdom – blog related and otherwise – she inspired me with her A-Team style motivation! I think that outside of my family and (in-real-life) friends, Ella was one of the folks that was most eagerly anticipating the arrival of my new book, not only that, she got her hands on a copy and shared her thoughts on it too! To get a complement from a friend is a pretty rad feeling, but when that friend is also someone that you respect and admire in this cosy world of blogging, well, that is double joy!

♥ – ♥ – ♥
Kerrie Mitchell Made Peachy

I first met Kerrie when we were making arrangements for our wedding back in 2012, even though we had a super small budget for our wedding, we both knew that having a collection of photographs to hold our memories was a top priority for us. I spent an age searching high and low for a photographer that would suit our personal style, some one creative, contemporary and, most of all, fun. Kerrie was the first on the list of wedding photographers that we met with and, let’s put it this way, after seeing her portfolio of previous wedding couples it was love at first sight and we cancelled all the appointments with the other photographers! I’m beyond thankful for meeting such a tremendously talented photographer, not only did she do a stirling work with our collection of wedding photographs, but she also let me include many of them in The DIY Wedding Manual. Already hitched? No intention of getting wed? You know what, Kerrie also offer’s boudoir and family photography too – now, go take a look and don’t tell me you’re not tempted!

Don’t Miss Out!
Want to know something else cool about Kerrie? She’s running a fun giveaway for the DIY Wedding Manual over on her Instagram – if you follow her you’ll not only get to see some stunning sneak peeks of her photography, but you will also get so see snaps of her adorable pup Tagg!

♥ – ♥ – ♥Bugs and Fishes Made Peachy
Over the last few week I’ve been working on some guest posts, now this is a fantastic opportunity to meet lots of new people and it is a lot of fun…but, you know what it, can also be a little daunting too. I mean, in the ‘safety’ of your own little internet space, you feel comfortable, you know what you’re doing. But, when you work on a gust post for someone else’s blog (particularly if it is a blog that you have been a long time fan of and hugely admire!) you can get all kinds of nervous, you can find yourself writing and re-writing the post over and over again, fretting and worrying over every little thing!

Laura Howard was just the sweetest to include my guest post on Bugs and Fishes –  and despite the fact that I was more than just a little star struck – she quickly put me at my ease and made me and my little guest post feel super welcome on her awesome site.

But, wait! There’s more!
Laura is holding a giveaway for five copies of The DIY Wedding Manual  – get in quick, this giveaway closes at 10pm tonight!

♥ – ♥ – ♥ 

Life gets pretty busy sometimes, but not too busy to be thankful for the awesome folks that cross our paths! So, tell me, who’s been your little ray of sunshine lately?

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    March 12, 2014

    ooh, I’m totally going to check out those blogs right now!

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