Sizzix: Time to try something new!

Sizzix: Time to try something new!

Sizzix: Time to try something new!

January 24, 2014 | Crafts, Reads | 2 Comments

If there is one thing I love more than getting busy making things, it’s gadgets! Nothing quite beats the feeling of getting your hands on a new and exciting tool or gadget that you know will fast become, not only your new favourite, but also your craft room staple!

I just about fell over myself when the postman dropped of a couple of huge packages this week – I mean, holy wow! A brand new Sizzix Big Shot and a whole heap of exciting dies to get stuck in with!

While many folks consider this a pretty costly piece of kit, or something solely for cardmakers and scrapbookers, I believe that there are a whole heap of modern crafts that can truly benefit from the neatness, accuracy and efficiency of die cutting. What’s more, the wide range of styles available through the collection of dies will make this a valuable addition to your craft stash! So, I’ll be trying my hand at quilting, papercraft, journaling, jewellery making and heaps more using the Sizzix Big Shot to see the exciting new creative journey this takes me on. I can’t wait!

Sizzix Big Shot Made PeachyThe Sizzix Big Shot Machine, RRP £94.99 c/o Sizzix

Ok, so the machine itself is cute, super cute – which, of course, isn’t essential, but I’m going to have my face right up close to it working on new makes it sure is a bonus! But, what gets me really excited is the sheer volume of dies available for the machines. I’m talking all the shapes that you can imagine…and probably a few more besides! Now, you’d be completely forgiven for looking at the ready-to-go block-shaped dies and think, what’s the fuss about? But believe me, as soon as you have the die if your hand there a lighbulb goes off and you’re already dreaming up new and exciting designs!

Sizzix Dies Made PeachySizzix Dies, starting from as low as RRP£5.99 the possibilities are endless. Actually endless!

My sketchbook has already become a mass of excited ideas, doodles and designs in the planning! I’ve picked out a heap of supplies ready to attack. All I can think about is getting stuck in! Snipping and trimming and cutting so many fabrics and materials and making, making, making!

Want to see some more rad inspiration?
There are a whole heap of mega designer/makers that already use the Sizzix machines and dies, creating some of the most wonderful and inspiring projects for quilters, papercrafters, scrapbookers, cardmakers and more! Check out these awesome bloggers that are already busy with Sizzix makes! That’s a pretty big list, am I right? If you can’t find yourself some inspiration there, then I can only guess you’re in some kind of creative slump and need to take a hike around the park and clear those cobwebs!

Do you have a Sizzix die cutting machine in your craft stash? What’s your favourite thing to make using it? I can’t wait to try out cutting fabrics, card, papers and anything that I can get my little hands on! In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing a whole heap of new and exciting makes, using the Sizzix Big Shot and a collection of rad dies! So, stay tuned! Also, just so we’re all clear…I wouldn’t go leaving anything too precious around me at the moment, as I’m likely to try die cutting it!

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    January 24, 2014

    oh my gosh, that is a very pretty device! I had no idea what it was, I’ve never heard of it before. I don’t do any quitting (or any sewing at all if I can help it), but it seems to be the kind of thing that goes across a variety of craft genres. Very cool, and excited to see what you make with it!

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