Socks Away – Knit your own Chunky Aran Winter Socks

Socks Away – Knit your own Chunky Aran Winter Socks

Socks Away – Knit your own Chunky Aran Winter Socks

December 22, 2016 | Crafts | No Comments

December, the time when almost everyone is thinking about hanging out their christmas stockings ready for Santa Clause. But, let’s not forget, this is also the month when the winter chill has well and truly set in – so, for me this means frosty hikes with the dog, evenings curled up in front of the fire and, oh yes, toes like ice cubes!

So, don’t just think about those oversized socks that you’re going to hang by the fireplace, why not think about knitting up your very own super cosy aran socks to keep your toes nice and toasty this winter!

chunky-aran-socks-1These lovely long socks are surprisingly quick to knit using ultra cosy aran yarn – and, let’s face it, the quicker that you can knit them up the sooner you’ll be wearing them! Wear them with your favourite winter boots when you’re out braving the elements, slip them on in bed to beat the chills or even stitch on leather soles to create your own mega cosy slipper socks!

chunky-aran-socks-2These socks are easy to customise for both guys and gals, knitted from for tow upwards you can slip them on your own foot – or the tootsies of your recipient – to check the size as you work. The simple shaping at the calf means that you can extend these socks to suit both long legged folks and shorties alike!

chunky-aran-socks-3Fancy knitting your own cosy socks for winter? Check out my free pattern and get knitting today!

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