Socktober: The Joy of Socks

Socktober: The Joy of Socks

Socktober: The Joy of Socks

October 23, 2013 | Crafts, Style | No Comments

Considering that it’s Socktober, the month of all things socks, there has been little talk about socks around here Well, it’s high time that changed!

Hand knit socks are one of the finer things in life. They are great fun to make and they are great fun to wear! I love that these are a portable project and once you’ve tried out a few Standard Issue Socks you can take on a challenge and work on something really fancy – which is probably the reason that more often than not I have a pair of socks on the needles tucked away in my bag or pocket!

Socktober Made Peachy Cookie AOne of my all time favourtite sock pattern is Monkey By Cookie A – it’s got just the right balance of lace work to keep you on your toes (pardon the pun!) but also has a wonderful contemporary style. Cookie A is, without a doubt, one of the best modern sock designers on the planet, with collection of designs to challenge, inspire and just plain get you excited about socks- there is something for everyone. And, It doesn’t stop there, Cookie A also designs other knitwear -hats, cardigans, sweaters, you name it. Which you wont be surprised are beautiful, I’d love to tell you I’ve knitted more of her work…but, I have to confess, I just can’t get past the socks!

I just love them, which could explain why I’ve knitted a whole army of Monkey socks! But seriously, they are a whole heap of fun to knit and look great in any colour you pick! For a  Autumn take on these I’ve knitted them in the delicious Colinette Jitterbug in Copperbeech – so scrummy!

Jitterbug, £18.24 per skein, features in my stock yarn stash a whole lot – probably more than is healthy – it’s 440yds, 50g, of deliciously handy dyed natural fiber 4 ply yarn that knits to 28 stitches to 36 rows per 10cm on 3.25mm needles, perfect for sock knitting!

Here are just some of my fave colourways for the season…
Socktober Made PeachyFrom Left to Right:
Bright Charcoal

If you’re anything like me, you’ll not be able to throw away those wee balls of left over sock yarn – especially if the colours are anything like those. So, what do you know with all those mini balls of yarn? Well, first things first, get yourself hexipuffing! I’m a colossal fan of Stephanie Dosen and her Tiny Owl Knits collection of delightfully whimsical designs, one of which is perfect for using up those odds and ends of sock yarn – the Beekeeper’s Quilt!
 [Image: Tiny Owl Knits]
Ok so this is a slow burner of a project, but boy, oh boy is it a beaut! I have to confess that I only have a small bundle of Hexipuffs…but, believe me, one day this will be finished and I will love, love, love it!

Looking for a quicker fix for those odds and ends of yarn?
Socktober Made PeachyHow about a mini sock for a key chain sock blocker? Yup, this exists and not only does it come with a tiny wee wooden sock blocker, but is also includes a mini pattern so that you can whip up an itty bitty sock to put on it! How neat is that?
Socktober Made Peachy These cute little knits are great to make for yourself or even to make up as quick, fun gifts, I mean, no key chain is complete without a miniature sock hanging from it, right? There is also a mini mitten blocker key chain…but, that’s for another time!

With the weather taking a turn towards cold and soggy, and wellington boots are featuring more regularly in my daily outfits, I’m glad for the cosy comfort of hand knit socks. In fact, it’s probably time I finished up those currently on the needles to get them on my little feet! So, Socktober fans, who’s knitting socks?


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