Strawberry & Kiwi Coconut Water Cooler

Strawberry & Kiwi Coconut Water Cooler

Strawberry & Kiwi Coconut Water Cooler

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I know, I am just as shocked to find that out as you are! The Easter break has been one of hard graft for us. We have used the time to get stuck in to some of our many renovation projects. There have been lots of long days sanding, painting, cleaning and building. When you’re busy and there are lots of Easter chocolates laying about it is all too easy to grab for the nearest sweet treat when you are starting to feel like your energy reserves are flagging. Needless to say, I have devoured an entire haul of Easter choccies in record time. I mean, I have been scarfing down those chocolates like they are going out of style. Trust me, they aren’t. Now I have the Chocolate Regrets. That is to say, I’m wishing I’d been a bit more ca’ canny wi’ the sweeties! Not, only would they have lasted me a little longer so I could have truly savoured them, but, I might not be feeling quite so sick right now. So, there is only one thing for it…time to break out the mini detox!

This week I’m going to be switching up my sweet treats to something a little more healthful.
Coconut water is the health drink of the moment – praised for its antioxidant, rehydrating properties, offering vitamin B and potassium as well as being low-calorie – but the first time I enjoyed coconut water was fresh from a coconut whilst I travelling in Fiji, where you could order a fresh coconut, watch it being chopped open and served with a straw. I have to confess, I was not ordering this beverage for it’s health properties (I’m not sure that I was even aware of them!) I was ordering them because it was just about the most tropical drink I could imagine – second only to a piña colada served in a hollowed out pineapple with a cocktail umbrella! StrawberryKiwi Coconut Water Cooler 1aaStrawberries are delicious, am I right? They are also packed with nutrients, vitamins and some even say wrinkle fighting properties. Kiwi fruits are a tasty little bomb of vitamin C and are often linked to glowing skin. Now, you see where I’m going with this, right? These two fruits taste delicious together, and if the hype is to be believed the combo will make us all zingy on the outside and the inside too! That’s a win/win situation right there my friends.

I get that some of y’all aren’t super keen on the taste of coconut water – well, if you’re expecting it to taste like a Bounty Bar or a shot of Malibu, then you will be disappointed! It has a ‘green’ taste – yes, I’m aware that is a colour, but it is light, fresh and has only a hint of the coconut flavour to it. If you’re not a huge fan of this taste, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the strong sweet flavours of the strawberries and kiwi fruits are the most prominent flavours in this little juicy beverage! So, after a long weekend of heavy duty DIY and equally hardcore chocolate eating – my little body is in need of a fresh, fruity healthful boost – so, here’s my recipe for a Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit Cocount Water CoolerStrawberryKiwi Coconut Water Cooler 2Grab your supplies…
Carton of fresh coconut water – don’t confuse this with Coconut Milk, that’s something entirely different. Coconut Milk is made from shaving the flesh from the inside of the coconut and pressing out the liquid.
A handful of fresh strawberries
Two fresh kiwi fruits
Freezer-safe food box
Ice, lots and lots of ice
Hand blender

This recipe make a large pitcher of cooler, to increase the yield by simply the quantities proportionately.

This recipe requires some preparations ahead of time – you might want to get a head start the night before so you can wake up to this awesome fruity creation in the morning!

StrawberryKiwi Coconut Water Cooler 1aPrepare the fruit by chopping, peeling and slicing. Chop the kiwi fruit to slices and remove the outer fuzz. Remove the greenery from the strawberries and slice into quarters. Pop the fruit pieces into a freezer-safe food box and tuck into the freezer overnight. StrawberryKiwi Coconut Water Cooler Final2Crush the ice and fruit together- some folks own fancy pants smoothie machines – I do not. I own a hand blender and a milkshake cup. Does the same job! Fill milkshake cup with the ice and a handful of the frozen sliced kiwi fruits and the strawberries and top up with coconut water, muddle the whole thing together with the hand blender. The fruits will blend with the ice to create an delicious fruity cooler! StrawberryKiwi Coconut Water Cooler FinalServe with a slice of kiwi, sup through a straw, or eat with an sundae spoon and a enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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