Stroopwafle Ice Cream Sandwich

August 15, 2013 | Eats | No Comments

Sunny days call for one thing and one thing only – ice cream!

I have a real weak spot for this chilled sweet treat, it’s a summertime must-have (I’m saying that as though I don’t indulge all year round!) It’s great just on it own; straight up in a bowl with a spoon, but hand me an ice cream in a waffle cone and I will be putty in your hands.  The combination of the crisp caramel waffle and the cold creamy ice cream are heaven, plain and simple.

After a sunny weekend with friends, the topic of making my own waffle cones popped up. Now, that’s an idea! Trouble is, I’ve yet to master the perfect waffle in my traditional cast waffle iron – it might be due for another seasoning session. But, once you got me started on waffle cones, I couldn’t stop thinking about them and wanted to find a quick fix recipe that would satisfy my cravings until I master the perfect waffle.

IcecreamEnter the Strooplewafle! I’d never though of this as a dessert before, this is that little indulgence that I pop onto the top of a seaming mug of chai tea latte, waiting until the caramel centre has gone all gooey before gobbling it up at the speed of light. This my friends is the perfect quick fix summer treat – the stroopwafle ice cream sandwich.
With nothing more than a couple of stroopwafels and your favourite toppings, you’ll be on the road to summertime happiness in no time. Pick what ever topping your like – chopped nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruits or even sprinkles. If you’re entertaining guests why not set up a mini ice cream parlour and place out little bowls of different toppings and flavours of ice cream- let you guests make their own favourite combination, buffet-style!
ScoopWhile I’m yet to test out this theory, I’m pretty sure that this will taste great with any combo of ice cream flavour and toppings – how about chocolate ice cream with chopped After Eights/Junior Mints? Raspberry ripple with white chocolate chips? Rum &  raisin with extra raisins? Neopolitan with sprinkles? The options are endless!

Local ice creams never disappoint, I really love Rossi Honeycomb ice cream – or Hokey Pokey as my Kiwi whānau call it, which is a far better name in my opinion. Sweet vanilla ice, with chewy toffee honeycomb pieces is the perfect match for chopped salted cashew nuts – delicious!

Sandwich two generous scoops of your favourite ice cream between two stroopwafles, press together so that the ice cream is evenly spread between the two biscuits. Roll the sandwich into a bowl of your favourite toppings, to add a little something to the ice cream.

IceCreamSandwichDetailYou can go right ahead and eat it now – I will warn you that this can be a melty mess in no time, so you’d better eat up fast! If you don’t want to cover yourself in sticky ice cream, and you can manage to wait for your treat. Wrap individually with a small piece of baking parchment and pop into a sealed box in the freezer for a couple of hours – this will help to hold the sandwich together and keep the toppings on the ice cream, right where they belong. You may thank me for that little tip later!