Stunning DIY Succulent Wreath

Stunning DIY Succulent Wreath

Stunning DIY Succulent Wreath

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This is the season for entertaining, from Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving, to festive parties and Christmas. Gedorating your table is a brilliant way to set the scene for entertaining, creating a stunning centrepiece and for making your guests feel extra special. Succulents are by far my most favourite plant – and as a girl that really struggles with houseplants (ours are perpetually looking cripsy and as though they need to be taken into care)- a beautiful plant based centre piece that is actually easy to make really gets my vote!

So, let’s create a Succulent Candle Wreath! This architectural wreath makes a striking centerpiece for a table. The waxy leaved succulents will also remain lush and vibrant, even when you have the heating on!

Succulent Final 2Grab your supplies…
Piece of poultry netting (chicken wire), approximately 8 x 12in (20 x 30cm)
Wire cutters
Damp moss
Latex (rubber) gloves
Florist’s wire
German pins (for pinning the pieces of moss)
Selection of succulent plants, including Crassula ovata (money plant), Echeveria, and Schlumbergera (Christmas cactus)
Pillar candles
Succulent 11 Lay the poultry netting (chicken wire) on a flat surface and cut to the required size—approximately 8 x 12in (20 x 30cm)—using the wire cutters.
Succulent 22 Lay the moss on top of the netting and squeeze it into a sausage shape. Continue to add more pieces of moss along the netting and squeeze them into shape. (You may prefer to wear a pair of gloves to do this because it can be a messy job.)
Succulent 33 Wrap the netting around the moss sausage shape and pull it tightly to form a tube. Use small lengths of florist’s wire to hold the netting in place and twist the ends of the wire several times to secure them.
Succulent 44 Bend the moss sausage into a circular shape and then use more wire to join the ends together. Twist the wire around the shape to ensure it is fixed securely.  Trim the ends of the wire with the wire cutters.
Succulent 55 Carefully remove the leaves and rosettes from the succulent plants, and use German pins to fix them to the moss ring.
Succulent 66 Gently lift the leaves of the succulent rosettes and insert the pins beneath the leaves so that they do not show.
Succulent 77 Attach the leaves all around the moss ring, using German pins to hold them in place, and continue to add more leaves to ensure the whole ring is covered.
Succulent 88 Continue to cover the top, outside, and inside of the wreath with leaves and rosettes, fixing them in place with German pins. Lay the finished wreath on a table and fill with pillar candles to finish.

Succulent Final 1

Guys! Be safe y’all, and don’t leave lit candles unattended!
♥ – ♥ – ♥
This stunning table accent is just one of the amazing creations in Beautiful Wreaths and Garlands by Catherine Woram, photography © CICO Books, £12.99.

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