Style Sunday: The Bombshell Bathing Suit

Style Sunday: The Bombshell Bathing Suit

Style Sunday: The Bombshell Bathing Suit

June 8, 2014 | Skills | No Comments

Well, if is going to be summertime then I declare that we all shall be wearing retro one-pieces!

Swimmy 2Seriously – is there anything sassier than this amazing than this blank & white retro bathing suit by Ester Williams, £65, For LunaI mean it has everything that swimwear should have, halter neck with just the right amount of  of décolletage, gathering at the sides with ruching over the tummy (all sins are carefully under wraps!) and full coverage that is sure to flatter all body shapes and looks incredibly sexy and slimming. I’ll take it to Vegas and marry it right now!

So, how about making your own? Sounds like a challenge we can all get behind this summer, right? Then check out today’s Style Sunday: The Bombshell Bathing Suit for more inspiration!

Style Sunday BombshellThe Pattern
The Bombshell, Sizes (US 4 – 18, £6.72, ClosetCaseFiles
Based on the classic 1950s silhouette with a tie-halter neck, rucking over the tummy and back and extended panels that provide fill coverage at the in front and on the bottom. Select Design A for this classic swimsuit.

The Fabrics
Black & White Polka Dot Spandex, £7.75 per metre SpandexHouse
Scarlet Swimsuit Fabric, £12.95 per metre MyFabrics
Coral Four Way Stretch, £5.99 per metre Tissu
Blue Stretch Lycra, £11.99 per metre MinervaCrafts

I know what your thinking, ‘that’s cute Laura, but sewing that stretch slinky fabrics is a no-no!’ That’s where you’re wrong my friends. Sewing stretch fabrics, like these for a bombshell bathing suit, needn’t be a nightmare, here are my Top Tips for Swimwear Stitching Success!

Fabrics: Be sure to pick a nylon spandex when making a bathing costume, this is stretch enough to make this comfortable, yet will be quick to dry and will hold a flattering shape while wet. Add a lining – like a stretch nylon as this will prevent the fabrics form becoming see through when wet – and ain’t no-one wants that!

Sewing needle: Picking the right needle for you project will help, a lot! Opt for a stretch needle as this will prevent the stitches from skipping while you sew.

Stitch style: A medium width zig zag stitch is ideal for sewing stretch fabrics, like for swim wear, as it will allow the fabrics to move and stretch out without the threads on the seams snapping and breaking.

Sewing foot: Switch out your standard foot for a walking foot, this is the best way to ensure that the fabrics feed easily through the machine without them stretching out too much prior to stitching, which will help you to achieve the neat shaping that you want from a bathing costume.

Added extras: Inserting some soft foam cups to the bodice and thin elastic around the legs, neckline and back portions of the swimsuit will help to give the garment a better (and more modest!) fit when finished!)

All we need now is some sunshine, a pool and perhaps a cocktail in a pineapple and the summer is all good!

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