Style Sunday: The Tie Dye T-shirt

Style Sunday: The Tie Dye T-shirt

Style Sunday: The Tie Dye T-shirt

April 13, 2014 | Style | No Comments

If you’re an equal opportunities colour lover then Tie Dye is the fashion trend for you!

The High Street is awash right now with these bright, louder-than-life designs – what a fun way to welcome in the spring weather! This simple Tie Dye Shirt, £25 UrbanOutfitters is making me dream of long lazy summer days, denim shorts and sandals. Someone please tell me that it’s going to be sandal weather again real soon!

You know that you can make your own Tie Dye garments and accessories with just a few crafty supplies, right? Check out today’s Style Sunday: The Tie Dye T-shirt moodboard to give your inner hippie some inspiration!

Style Sunday: The Tie Dye T-ShirtThe Kits:
Jacquard Tie Dye Kit  £14.26  FredAldous
2 Tulip One-Step Tie Dye Kit • £6.12  SmarmyClothing
3 Tumble Dye Spray Kits  £19.99 RainbowSilks

The Ready-To-Use Fabrics:
1 Blue Tie Dye Jersey  £4 per metre  SkyFabrics
2 Purple The Die Jersey  £5.99 per metre  MinervaCrafts
3 Pink Tie Dye Stretch • £4.99 per metre  TissuFabrics

If you’re like me you will now want to tie dye everything in sight. But, here’s a little warning, less is almost certainly more when it comes to tie dye and fashion, just remember that. Also, y’all are going to have to take responsibility for the clean ups…I don’t want to be having to make a tour cleaning up dye stands from all y’alls homes!

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