Sunday Style: Must-Have Midi Skirt

Sunday Style: Must-Have Midi Skirt

Sunday Style: Must-Have Midi Skirt

April 20, 2014 | Style | No Comments

This classic cut linen Midi Skirt with pocket and tie waist detail is a sure fire win for the spring, £28, ASOS

This Easter break for us, is one packed to the rafters with home renovations and DIY projects. There are lots of little tasks that we have been meaning to get too for ages, but as you all know, life sometimes gets in the way. So, this long weekend break is the perfect time for us to get busy, get building and get painting. While I’m going to be living in my dungarees for the foreseeable, I can’t help but dream about getting back into pretty clothes.

This spring I have my sights set on the midi skirt. It is the perfect length for the is-it-warm-enough weather where it’s blissful in the sunshine, but still quite chilly in the shade. I adore the acid bright of this yellow linen and have set out on a quest to find the perfect waist-tie pattern and team it with some bold linen fabrics – so check out this Style Sunday: The Must-Have Midi…


The Pattern
Simplicity 2226, sizes 6-18 SimplicityNewLook
From the Learn to Sew pattern collection this pack contains a range of simple and stylish skirts. Select Design D for the flared design with the pocket and tie-waist details.

The Fabrics
1 Yellow Linen  £11.75 per metre  DittoFabrics
2 Turquoise Blue Linen • £12.80 StoneFabrics
3 Pink Bio Linen  £19.80 per metre DragonflyFabrics
4 Blades Aurora Linen • £7.99 per metre  Calicolaine 

I wish that I could spend this Sunday stitching and making something beautiful, stopping only to eat more Easter egg chocolate. But, I have a mountain of DIY projects that need my attention and let’s face it those stairs are going to sand and paint themselves (I know this to be true, as they haven’t magically done them by themselves yet!) so it is probably a good thing that my sewing machine is still in the shop for it’s service, or I’d be sneaking off to get work up one (or three!) of these delicious midi skirts!

Have a wonderful Easter friends!

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