Super Easy Bunting with Sizzix

Super Easy Bunting with Sizzix

Super Easy Bunting with Sizzix

September 20, 2014 | Crafts | 1 Comment

When it comes to bunting there are two universal truths…

1 Bunting never goes out of style

2 You can never have enough bunting

In light of this, finding a super quick and easy way to whizz up lashing and lashings of this pretty fabric decoration will be sure to make your stitch soul rather happy.

The process of making bunting is really as easy as 1, 2, 3…Cut the pennants, stitch the pennants, join to create a garland. Easy, right? Yes – but, if you can quickly and accurately speed up this process then you’ll be well on your way to making some fantastic lengths of pretty decorations!

Sizzix Bunting 2The Sizzix Big Shot is great for cutting fabrics – be sure to check out this beginner’s guide to getting started – and when teamed with the Equilateral Triangle (#658663) Die it makes whipping up bunting fast and fun!

Sizzix Bunting 1Grab your supplies…
Sizzix Big Shot
Equilateral Triangle Die
Collection of print cottons
Length of bias tape
Sewing machine
Sizzix Bunting 3When working with dies the cutting surface is placed uppermost and you will be able to see the outline of the blade through the surface – you can use this as a guide to get really economical placement of your fabrics when cutting, just be sure not to press your fingers down onto the blade!
Sizzix Bunting 4Fold the fabrics and place them onto the die – you will be able to cut through between 6-8 layers of fabric (depending on its weight) at a time with the Big Shot, so be sure that the folded fabrics are positioned neatly over the cutting surface. Sandwich the die and fabric between two cutting pads.
Sizzix Bunting 5Insert the sandwich of cutting pads, die and fabric into the Big Shot and crank the handle to draw it through the machine and cut through the fabrics.
Sizzix Bunting 6Once removed, you will have a neat bundle of precision cut fabrics for bunting pennants!
Here’s a handy tip!
When removing the cut pieces, hold the cut sections with your finger tips and carefully lift the fabric bordering it. Occasionally, you may find that there are a few uncut threads – often on corners or more intricate sections of the shape – resist the urge to tug the pieces free as this will snag the fabrics, just clip the threads with a small pair of scissors!
Sizzix Bunting 7To get the most economical cuts from your fabric, you can open out the remaining fabric and reposition it to cut additional pieces. Repeat the process until you have cut the desired number of pennants form all the chosen print cottons. Remember – you will need a pair of cut shapes for each pennant!
Sizzix Bunting 8Once the pieces have been cut, work in pairs and position right sides together and, with a straight machine stitch, join the two side sections taking a 1/4in seam. Leave the upper section open to turn through.
Sizzix Bunting 9If you fancy being super speedy with your stitching- try chain piecing when jointing the pairs of pennants together. To do this, joint one pair together along the sides and, without stopping the machine or cutting the threads, allow the machine to work a stitches before positing the next pair onto the machine to be stitched. This will create a bunting-style effect with the joined pieces all joined together with small sections of loose stitches.
Sizzix Bunting 11When all the pairs of pennants have been stitched, clip seam at the point and thrum through to the right side. Press out the sides and point as neatly as possible and press.
Sizzix Bunting 12Decide on the arrangement of the different coloured pennants and press the length of bias tape in half, so that the raw edges are neatly concealed towards the inside.
HandmadeFair Promo 2Leaving a few inches of binding at either end, position the unstitched edges of the pennants into the fold in the binding. Space the pennants out evenly along the length of the bias tape and pin in place. Work along the entire length of the bias tape with a straight machine stitch to secure the flag in place and complete the bunting!

How quick and easy was that? I’m pretty sure that this gives us no excuse for not having the prefect bunting for every single occasion!

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