The Week That Was: 8-14 June 2015

The Week That Was: 8-14 June 2015

The Week That Was: 8-14 June 2015

June 15, 2015 | Reads | 1 Comment

Time seems to be the the watchword for me right now. We are part way through the year, which in in itself is scary and time seems to be truly racing!

The Week That Was: 8-14 June 2015 Made Peachy See more of this weeks snaps over on Instagram!

The last week has seem me working on my very first Christmas design commissions, in June, now that has to be a world record, am I right? I love Christmas, the decorations, the festivities, the seasonal foods and the all round merriment, but on a glorious sunny afternoon it is pretty hard to get your head into the winter wonderland headspace! But, this has certainly made me realise that this year is flying past.

The Week That Was: 8-14 June 2015 Made Peachy In some ways I feel as though I have achieved very little this year, as you’ve probably noticed (and thank you for sticking about, coming back and visiting still!) I’ve not had the time to work on new makes and tutorials to share here for a few months. As you’ve probably guessed the reason behind this is quite simply down to time. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. I’m working on a large scale crochet project, which is a fantastic challenge, but at the same time, when you are continually working on new designs, getting makes completed in a very tight turn around time and focusing solidly on a single medium it is very hard to draw on the extra energy reserves that you need to work on other creative endeavours. One of the most frustrating aspects of working on a project like this is not being able to share my makes, not posting them here and letting you see them and giving you the opportunity to try them for yourself. I have to keep remaining myself that this is the long game and that all in good time I’ll be able to share all of this exciting project with you. Roll on that day!

Aside from getting Christmassy in June (!) I’ve finished up another past of this huge crochet deadline and am starting on the third and final part, the final furlong, the end is in sight and that thought alone is boosting my spirits. Despite the fact that I love my job and take great pleasure from the challenges it brings and the lessons that come my way, keeping motivated is a tricky, tricky beast – something that I have been pondering (a little too incoherently to share just yet, but I’m working on formulating that into an other post just as soon as I can!)
The Week That Was: 8-14 June 2015 Made Peachy One thing that has certainly kept my spirits up is the sunshine that we’ve been having. Yes, its a fact that getting out in the fresh air and sunshine issn instant mood lifter, and I’ve been making the most of the great outdoors – with that fizzy little companion of mine is the best hiking companion!

Our lives are busy and it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut of working and keeping so busy that you don’t get to really enjoy those simple pleasures – so whatever your week has in store for you, take five minutes to step outside each day, break from your schedule and take a moment to relax and enjoy!

The Week That Was: 8-14 June 2015 Made Peachy Have a great week folks!




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    June 15, 2015

    you’ve been so busy! I love those purple flowers, and I can’t imagine doing Christmas stuff now, but I hear that it’s really common for those in magazine production, etc. I bet it’s awesome!

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