The Week That Was: Chilly January Crochet

The Week That Was: Chilly January Crochet

The Week That Was: Chilly January Crochet

January 12, 2015 | Crafts, Reads | 1 Comment

If you were to ask me what I have been up to recently the answer is crochet, crochet, and yet more crochet!
The Week That Was: Keeping Cosy & CrochetWalking about with a crochet hook in my hand (or tangled in my hair!) is pretty much my standard at the moment. I’m on the last leg of a very big project and all of my time is spent working, working, working on getting the last few things made and finished. I love working on huge and challenging projects, but it sure does take it out of you!
The Week That Was: Keeping Cosy & CrochetI’ve even got to the point where I’ve got a yarn burn on my tension finger. Yup, the yarn that runs over my index finger to maintain the tension as the yarn feeds as I work is actually suffering. I have never heard of such a think before, I mean who crochets till their hands bleed? Seriously? Well this is an actually thing, and the best way to avoid it it to take a break – not really an option when you’re on a deadline, so I’m resorting to covering my finder with a sticky plaster. Not the cutest look going, but it seems to be doing the trick!

The Week That Was: Keeping Cosy & CrochetCrochet (on an epic deadline) is very much an indoors (curled up in the couch with Netflix) activity, so getting out doors is restricted right now to dog hikes and grocery trips. From cozied up on the couch to stepping out into a icy and blustery January is something of a shock to the system. Even the dog seems to be glad to get back indoors after our hikes (and he’s sporting a fuzzy winter coat!). I’m feeling like I’m ready for the springtime. The next couple of months are jam packed with events for me and I’m really looking forward to getting back on the road and having some fun! But, for now, I’m glad to be working on lots of crochet blankets – what better way to stay cosy on a chilly January?



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    January 12, 2015

    love your cozy faux fur hood!! I too have had ‘yarn burn’ on a finger due to excessive crafting! But I wasn’t smart enough to think of putting a plaster on it. next time!

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