The Week That Was: Festival of Quilts 2015

The Week That Was: Festival of Quilts 2015

The Week That Was: Festival of Quilts 2015

August 10, 2015 | Events | 2 Comments

What a phenomenal week! FOQ 2015 you were aces!

As y’all know I was hanging out on the Vilene stand – with textile superstar Kim Thittichai – sharing some techniques, trouble shooting, cooing over your shopping hauls and also eating ice cream. Lots of ice cream.
The Week That Was: Festival of Quilts 2015 Made Peachy

Did you know that Vilene has a super swanky new website? Well, here’s the thing! When it comes to adding interlinings, giving volume or structure to your makes or just shooting for that truly pro finish, then trying to find the perfect product can be something of a minefield. I mean even the greatest fabric stores are gonna be a little stumped when you ask for “that white stuff that makes things not so wibbly!” To make your stitching life easier, there are a heap of how-to guides and tutorials to lead you to greatness in your next make – so be sure to go check it out!

I also got to catch up with so many of my fave folks – and might have got a little [read: a lot] emotional over the sweetest gifts from my adorable chum Lou. While we only ever see each other at shows we spend a lot [read: borderline unhealthy amount of time] gushing about our sweet pups at home, crushing on fabrics, lusting after pens and inked and generally fan girling about all the things. Check out this breathtakingly stunning custom Laura doll – complete with a fancy change of frock and matching mary-janes – and this snuggle blanket for Waffle, who is way more burrito than dog, so I can’t wait to wrap him up!
The Week That Was: Festival of Quilts 2015 Made Peachy Pro Tip! If you want to make someone feel more loved than you can ever imagine, go get them a custom Lou Love This Doll. Or, you know, treat yo’self!

As usual the quilt exhibitions were wall-to-wall eye candy, and let me tell you it’s not too shabby to spend your whole working day eyeballing some awesome. This is just one of my faves, although I’m pretty sure that Luke’s exhibition was everyone’s fave.
The Week That Was: Festival of Quilts 2015::Luke Haynes:: Made Peachy You know that it was an ace event when- even though you were working your little socks off – you come home all jazzed up ready to get making something – and for the first time in over year (yup! a whole year!) I don’t have a To Do List jammed packed with crochet and yarn crafts! So, who knows I might even be able to get my quilt on!

This week is set to be a cracker – I’m planning out my Friendship Bracelet workshop for the launch of Arm Candy at Foyles (and you know that I’m gonna be making goodie bags, because that is totally my jam!), working on some textiles surface designs and catching up on some much needed chill out time!

Hope y’all have a great week!


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    August 12, 2015

    oh wow, looks like it was an incredible event!! I love those quilted projects, I’d love a fun eye mask like that, and the baby bib is too cute!

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