The Week That Was: Home – briefly

The Week That Was: Home – briefly

The Week That Was: Home – briefly

March 16, 2015 | Events | No Comments

March has been a month on the road. With all the fun and trials that you might expect. I feel blessed to have met with lots of new creative folks at the Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts show in Glasgow – and having met up with some great friends too!

But, there is also the trials of not having proper internet access – is is just me or does hotel internet access suck so bad? Not only does this mean that I’m not able to get here to update, share and have fun, but it also means that keeping up with work, emails and other business tasks have to take a back seat till I’m home.

While I have to admit not being able to keep on top of my work schedule (one of the troubles of being your own boss is that sometimes you feel like you are never off duty!) but it has given me the chance to have a bit of a break, to step away from the tech and spend some time doing something creative. So, over the last couple of weeks, while spending long tech-free evenings in hotel rooms, I have been catching up on a little hand patchwork. I mean, English Paper Piecing is probably the furthest thing from my usual tech-heavy evenings when I’m away form home.
The Week That Was: Home - briefly Made Peachy It’s lovely to work on something with no real brief, no deadline, no real objective other than to simply sew for the sake of sewing. So, I’ve been (slowly) piecing together this rainbow mini quilt. As much as it pains me to pack it away, I have resisted the urge to finish this up now that I’m home and have stowed it away to work on later in the week when I head off to Glasgow.

The Week That Was: Home - briefly Made Peachy This brief week at home has bee a flurry of catching up on emails, working over business admin (yawn) and cleaning the decks to work on a very fun commission. Nothing like a bit of nail art to brighten your mood, is there?
The Week That Was: Home - briefly Made Peachy The week ahead is to be filled with packing and preparing for my next trip – and of course, getting in as much face time with this little dude!
The Week That Was: Home - briefly Made Peachy Later this week I’ll be heading to Birmingham for the Sewing for Pleasure show at the NEC – are you coming along? I’ll be teaching some fun sewing skills in the mini makes workshops for The Vilene Sewing Club – if you are heading to the show, be sure to swing in past and say Hi!


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